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Why update your company details then submit your confirmation statement

Why update your company details then submit your confirmation statement is to avoid Companies House reject your confirmation statement submission.

Generally, you must check and update the following company information registered with Companies House before you submit your confirmation statement.

  • Ensure that your directors’ personal information is up to date. If there are any new appointment and termination during the last 12 months, relevant companies house forms must be filed.
  • If you have a company secretary, perform a similar check as your company director.
  • Likewise, you would ensure people with significant control (PSC) details are up to date.
  • Don’t forget to update your company’s registered office address and also your service addresses if there were changes within the last 12 months.

The common mistakes were usually people forgot to notify Companies House of changes took place within the company.

For example, a new director was appointed during the year. Legally, you must notify Companies House of this event by submitting the form AP01. Somehow this was forgotten. Subsequently, the new director signed the confirmation statement form and delivered it to Companies House. In this situation, Companies House would reject and return your confirmation statement for amendment.

This type of error is easily oversight especially filing a printed paper confirmation statement.

Normally, you must notify Companies House of a new director appointment within 14 days of the event took place.

Other information you must update while completing your confirmation statement include the following:

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