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Service of dissolution application document

The UK company law requires service of dissolution application document within 7 days of submitting the application to Companies House. You as the company director must give copies of the dissolution application document to shareholders, employees, creditors, etc promptly. Section 1006 of the Companies Act 2006 deals with this matter.

In addition, you must also give copies of the dissolution application documents to new shareholders, employees, creditors, etc under Section 1007 of the Companies Act 2006.

You do not require to service the dissolution document if you withdraw your DS01 application before the 7 days period. If you are to withdraw your application, take note that your obligation to deliver confirmation statement and company accounts resume.

Methods to service dissolution application document

You can deliver the document by hand or post it to the relevant person’s proper address. Consider getting a courier or some sort of mail delivery sign for service. Left the document at the proper address is considered delivered.

Proper address defined

A proper address of a person is, in the case of an individual would be his last known address.

For a limited company registered in the UK, it would be ita registered office address or principal office. You can obtain a limited company’s registered office address from the Companies House website.

For companies formed outside the UK, it would be their place of business in the UK or principal office in the UK.

If you are servicing the document to companies that do not have a place of business in the UK, then you may send the document to their registered office or principal office.

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