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Register of members

Register of members is required by law to be kept and maintained. This is compulsory for every limited company registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

Shareholders information

Your register of members must keep details of your shareholders and this will include:

  • Shareholder’s name and address.
  • When he/she become a shareholder of your company.
  • If your shareholder ceased to hold any shares in your company, the date of this event.

Additional information for register of members

Other information about each shareholder and will need to be kept up to date include:

  • The shares held by each member.
  • Each of your share must has a number.
  • Where your company has more than one class of issued shares. The details of this.
  • The amount paid or agreed to be considered as paid on the shares of each member.
  • If your company has converted any of its shares into stock, you must give notice of the conversion to the registrar. This includes the amount and class of stock held by each member instead of the amount of shares and the particulars relating to shares.
  • In the case of joint holders of shares or stock in your company, then you must keep the names of each joint holder. For this purpose, Joint holders are regarded as a single member. Therefore, the register must show a single address.
  • In the case of your company that does not have a share capital but has more than one class of members. Then, you must keep the names and addresses of the members, a statement of the class to which each member belongs.
  • Any changes to the information set out above.
  • Information on any transfer of shares.
  • Details of allotments of new shares.
  • Details of any shares held in treasury.

Location of your register of members

Generally, you are to keep your register of members at your registered office address. If not, you must notify Companies House of the address where you keep your register. This address is called single alternative inspection location (sail address). In this circumstance, you complete the Companies House form AD02.

On the other hand, if you are to keep your register of members at your registered office and you have moved, you must also notify Companies House of your new address. In this instance, you use the form AD01. you may notify Companies House of this change at the same time you deliver your Confirmation Statement.

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