Re-registration of public limited company to private unlimited company

Re-registration of your public limited company to a private unlimited company under the Companies Act 2006 can be done.

Your company must complete the Companies House form RR07
and submit it with the Registrar of Companies. Take note that if you would like to re-register your public limited company (PLC) to a private limited company. Do not use the form RR07. The keyword here is UNLIMITED company status.

You must include the following documents with your form RR07 when sending your application for re-registration of your public limited company to private unlimited company to Companies House.

  • A prescribed form of assent
  • A printed copy of the amended articles of association.

Company names

Ensure your public limited company name and registration number match your certificate of incorporation or certificate of change of name in your form RR07. You must also provide the name for your new unlimited company.

Statement of compliance

By signing the form RR07, your company confirm that the requirements of Part 7 of the Companies Act 2006 as to the re-registration as an unlimited company have been met.

All directors to sign

All directors of your public limited company must sign the Companies House form RR07. The form RR07 has three signatories spaces only. However, you can use the continuation page of the form RR07 if you have more than three directors in your PLC.

Companies House fee

£20 is payable to Companies House for your application to re-register as an unlimited company.

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