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If you are new to UK company, you can quickly learn the basics. How to take care of your new UK company. Generally, after Companies House issued your certificate of incorporation, you can start your business straight away.

Your business with Companies House does not end there. Thereafter, you must continuously update Companies House with your business progress. For this purpose, you are required to file your company accounts and confirmation statement with Companies House every year.

Another governing body, you must also respect, is the HMRC, the UK Tax Authority.

Here are the legal documents you must prepare and deliver to Companies House and HMRC.

Companies House legal filings

Your to do listDeadline
You must prepare and send your first ever company accounts to Companies House21 months from the date of incorporation
Thereafter, in the subsequent year, you deliver your company accounts to Companies House9 months after your financial year ended

HMRC legal filings

Your to do listDeadline
Work out your corporation tax bill if you made a profit. You must also tell HMRC if you do not make any profit.9 months after your accounting year ended
Prepare and file your company tax return with HMRC12 months to file your CT600 online with HMRC

For Companies House filings, you have the options to file one or file on paper. To file online, you would require your company authentication code. Whereas for filing of company tax return with HMRC is online only. For this purpose, you may use third party accounting software accredited by HMRC.

Normally, people would hire an accountant to take care of their UK company filings for them. If you are new to UK company legality and filings, this may be best way forward if you yourself not familiar with UK company law.

Contact our London accountants if you have any questions about your UK company.

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