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Brexit UK leaves EU 31 October 2019

Brexit UK leaves EU on 31 October 2019, the radio made the announcement repeatedly yesterday. I lost count the number of times during the 3 hours car journey.

At night, while waiting at the Accident and Emergency at the hospital to treat possible fractured finger, I saw the news on the TV broadcasting Brexit news. The news said if UK leaves EU with no deal, UK may face shortage of food.

Possible shortage of food

There is always a solution to a problem. UK have lots of land. People can opt to eat locally produced fresh vegetables and fruits. This may open the opportunity to encourage local farmers to grow more to cater for the demand of local fresh fruits and vegetables.

In the olden days, when international trade not yet to become popular, no import and export exist yet, what do people eat? People eat food produced locally. They taste nice and delicious. We can do the same here.

It may be inconvenient not to be able to continue to buy imported fruits and vegetables from the EU. However, we have the option to import fresh fruits and vegetables from the rest of the world if we wish.

May be you would like to grow your own vegetables at home. In your back garden if you have a bit of land. You can get vegetables seeds easily from supermarket and garden centre nowaday.

Seek, you shall find it.

If You think Brexit UK leaves EU on 31 October 2019 caused lots of troubles. If you think the change as a result of Brexit is trouble is coming, then all you will see and find is just trouble after trouble. With resentment, you would tend to get frustrated quickly.

Change your perspective, view Brexit is an opportunity to restructure your company, reorganize your business, to streamline your business operations. If you seek opportunity, you will find it. When you have a positive mindset, you tend to get things done more quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, you feel peace.

UK government has put in place many guidances to help people to adapt the Brexit. For example, Companies House has issued guidance to help people to manage the administration of UK companies that operate in the EU, EU companies that operate in the UK. All is well and good luck.

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