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Need more time to submit your company accounts

If you need more time to submit your company accounts with Companies House. You must contact Companies House as soon as possible.

There are two main reasons why you must do so when you foresee you are unable to submit your company account on time.

  1. To avoid the expensive late filing penalty, up to £1500 for a private company and up to £7500 for a public limited company.
  2. Companies House may strike off your company and your accounts are overdue for a long time.

Events outside your control

If the reasons you are unable to submit your company accounts are because an event outside of your control prevents you to do so, do contact Companies House immediately.

An example of this kind of event would be fire has destroyed your company records a week before your account filing deadline.

On the other hand, If your reason for not able to submit your company accounts is due to your accountant is ill. You stand a very low chance to get an extension.

Apply to extend your company accounts filing deadline

There are two ways to apply to the extension of more time to submit your company accounts. You can do this online or by post.

Apply online

You will require the following information to apply online.

  • Your company number
  • The reasons why you need more time
  • Any supporting evidence to support your applications

Apply by post

Another way to apply for more time to submit your account would be by post. Again, Companies House would require the following information from you. Companies House would keep your information in strict confidence.

  • Why you require more time to submit your company accounts?
  • Your company number.
  • an email address to contact you.
  • Any supporting evidence to support your application (optional)

In terms of which Companies House office you must send your application to by post, it is dependent on where your company’s registered office address is situated.

Companies House England and Wales

Crown Way
CF14 3UZ
DX 33050 Cardiff

Companies House Scotland

4th Floor
Edinburgh Quay 2
139 Fountainbridge
DX ED235 Edinburgh 1

Companies House Northern Ireland

2nd Floor
The Linenhall
32-38 Linenhall Street
DX481 N.R. Belfast 1

Companies House will contact you

Companies House would review your application and they would usually contact you by email within 5 working days to tell you if your application is successful or that they require more information from you.

Thus, they will make a decision about your extension request accordingly.

Usually, if Companies House accepts your application for an extension. You would normally get an extra 30 days to submit your company accounts. Consequently, you must deliver your company accounts within 30 days.

Lastly, you must take note that the extension does not apply to your subsequent year account filing deadline.

Another important document you must file with Companies House is the confirmation statement, once every 12 months.

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