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Assessment of work attitude in staff performance appraisal involves considering the staff’s interest, enthusiasm, commitment to work, and willingness to accept and adapt to changes in the nature of work and environment.

ParametersScore 1 to 10
Shows no interest or enthusiasm in work and avoids responsibilities. Unwilling to accept and adapt to new assignments or new methods of doing things.1 or 2
Little interest or enthusiasm to work and does only what is told and no more. Accepts and adapts to changes reluctantly.3 or 4
Interested and enthusiastic in work, and puts in good efforts to the job. Does accept and adapt to changes in assignments.5 or 6
Very interested, enthusiastic, and committed to work. Very responsible and good follow-through. Accepts and adapts to changes in assignments readily.7 or 8
Accepts all and additional work assignments enthusiastically and takes place in the work. Outstanding ability to follow through. Actively seeks to accept new assignments and grasps new challenges effectively.9 or 10
Choose one number only

Your score for staff’s work attitude

Your score must match your staff’s attitude at work.

Give a high score to staff who demonstrate an excellent attitude at work consistently. Let’s say you are in the accounting business, the staff who usually handle confirmation statement filings actively accept company restoration projects.

On the same note, consider having a reward system in place for high achiever staff. For example, a bonus payment or extra holiday and so on. For low-score staff, you may consider re-training the staff.

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