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Charges and Mortgages forms for company in Scotland

Charges and mortgages forms for a company with a registered office address in Scotland must register the security on loan and borrowings with Companies House.

Companies House requires company in Scotland to use the correct charges and mortgages forms to register the security on loan.

Companies House rejecting your charges and mortgages forms registration if you submit the incorrect form. Click here for the common errors made by applicants when writing their company names on the Companies House forms.

The time allowed for registration is within 21 days.

Charges and mortgages forms

Form reference Purpose of filing
MG06s Particulars of a charge subject to which property has been acquired by a company registered in Scotland
MG06s continuation page – amount secured (section 5)to provide amount secured
MG06s continuation page – mortgagee(s) or person(s) entitled to the charge (section 6)to provide mortgagee or person entitled to the charge
MG06s continuation page – short particulars of all the property charged (section 7)To provide short particulars of all the property charged.
466 Particulars of an instrument of an alteration to a floating charge created by a company registered in Scotland.

For limited company with registered office address in either England or Wales, different sets of charges and mortgages forms to use for the filing with Companies House.

Other Companies House compulsory filings

you must also deliver the following documents to Companies House every year:

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