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Changes to your overseas company details

The UK company law requires every overseas company to register with Companies House if they have a place of business in the UK. For example, a branch in London, England. In addition, if there are any changes to your overseas company details you must notify Companies House.

Changes you must notify Companies House include to the following:

  • Your overseas company name.
  • Registered office address of your overseas company and also your UK branch or UK establishment.
  • Disclose your principal business activities.
  • Details of directors, secretaries or people authorised to represent your overseas company.
  • company information, for example, accounting requirements or the powers of directors or secretaries.
  • Company constitution (one of the documents made when you formed the company)

If you have any questions with filing the changes to your overseas company details with Companies House, contact our accountants for help.

Thereafter, you must remember to update the official stationery of your overseas company.

Help for overseas company in the UK

The Department for International Trade provides help and support to an overseas company looking to set up a business in the UK. For this purpose, you could access to valuable information such as how business works in the UK. Plus, other reports like the analysis of market opportunities and access to business and academic networks.

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