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All companies registered with the Companies House are obliged to submit their company accounts with the Registrar of Companies. It is the director’s responsibility to ensure this is done on time. This includes a dormant company and non-trading company. Where to send your company accounts are dependent on where your registered office is.

Additionally, there is an automatic late filing penalty for filing your company accounts late with Companies House even just by one day.

The Companies Act requires your limited company directors to present your company’s Directors’ Report to your shareholders. The Directors’ report formed part of your company accounts.

For a public limited company (PLC), you must lay your company accounts at a shareholders meeting, usually, the annual general meeting. Whereas for a private limited company is no longer required to do so unless it is required by the articles of association of your company.

Companies House

Your company accounts filed with Companies House are accessible by the public. This means your suppliers, customers, bankers and the public, in general, could see your company records registered with Companies House and obtain the documents directly from Companies House.

Where to send your company accounts to which Companies House office is dependent on your company’s registered office.

Generally, a limited company incorporated in England and Wales must deliver their company accounts to Companies House in Cardiff. Whereas for Limited company registered in Scotland are to file their company accounts with Companies House at Edinburg. Their respective addresses are listed below:

Cardiff Office Edinburgh Office
Companies House
Crown Way Maindy
CF14 3UZ
Companies House
4th Floor
Edinburgh Quay 2,
139 Fountainbridge
Edinburgh EH3 9FF
LP – 4 Edinburgh 2
(Legal Post) or
DX ED235 Edinburgh 1
London OfficeNorthern Ireland Office
Companies House
Ground Floor
80 Petty France
Companies House
Second Floor
The Linenhall
32-38 Linenhall Street
Northern Ireland BT2 8BG
DX 481 N.R. Belfast 1

Similarly, if you are delivering your confirmation statement to Companies House by post.

Lastly, If you require help with your company accounts preparation and filing with Companies House, contact us.

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