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Serve court papers

Generally, you must serve your court papers to all parties involved in your company restoration by court order. Court papers here refer to the claim form bearing an original court seal and supporting evidence to restore your company.

Long story short, you must serve court papers to the following government bodies when restoring your company in England.

The Registrar of Companies

Restoration Section
Companies House
Crown Way
Cardiff CF14 3UZ
DX: 33050 Cardiff

The Treasury Solicitor

Government Legal Department
102 Petty France
London SW1H 9GL
DX 123243 Westminster 12
Fax: 020 7210 3119

However, If your company’s registered office was in Lancashire or Cornwall, you must serve the Claim form and supporting evidence to the Solicitor to the Duchy of Lancaster / Duke of Cornwall:

Messrs Farrer & Co
66 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
London WC2A 3LH
DX: 32 Chancery Lane
Tel: 020 3375 7000
Fax: 020 3375 7001

Serve court papers by post

Companies House, the Government Legal Department and Messrs Farrer & Co will all accept service by post. Recorded delivery is recommended.

Alternatively, you may deliver your court papers to Companies House by hand during normal office hours at the Cardiff office or at the London office.

Companies House London

Ground Floor
80 Petty France
London SW1H 9EX

Companies House Cardiff

Crown way
CF14 3UZ

The Treasury Solicitor or the Solicitor for the Duchy of Lancaster / Duke of Cornwall will write to you stating that no objection will be raised by the Crown to the order being made. The Solicitor for the Duchy of Lancaster/Duke of Cornwall may charge a fee for this letter. Contact them directly to find out how much. You must then submit this letter to Companies House to restore your company.

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