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Change your company registered office address when you are no longer able to access mails sent to there. At the same time, you notify Companies House with your new address.

The UK company law require every limited company must to have a valid registered office address at all times. So that you could receive all formal letters and legal notices sent there.

Generally, Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs send all of their correspondences to your company’s registered office address only. Therefore, you must ensure your company registered office address is up to date and that all mails can reach you.

How to change company registered office address?

First of all, you change your company registered office address with the Companies House form AD01. You deliver the form AD01 to Companies House within 14 days.

Universally, your new registered office address cannot be a PO Box address. As a rule, it must be a physical address. However, the address need not be where your company carries out their operations.

For example, you may use your accountant’s office as your company registered office address while you operates your business somewhere else.

In other words, your registered office address need not be the same as your business address. Commonly, businesses based outside United Kingdom but trading as limited company adopt that practice.

Update your company official stationery

Thereafter, you must also update your company official stationery. This would include your letterhead, website and any formal correspondences.

Submit Confirmation statement

On the other hand, you must also include your company registered office address when filing your confirmation statement.

Inform HM Revenue and Customs

In addition, you are to notify HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) of your company’s new registered office address.

HMRC and Companies House are separate governmental bodies for companies in the UK.

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