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Work from home is a popular choice when starting out a new business. Working from home is incredibly convenient if you are running an internet business. Your home is the place you have already and all you need is to find some space to set up your office at home. There may be distractions, but there are lots of good reasons to work from home.

Save office Rent when work from home

The money you save by not renting an office can be invested instead in technology, marketing and other things that build your business.


Travelling a few feet in the office each day can make a refreshing change after years of catching the early morning train, tube or driving to work. You can work long hours for shorter days.

Flexible working hours

If you are the creative type, or just like to work at odd times, working from home means you can go into the office whenever you want.


Working from home makes childcare a lot easier. It is also easier to fit your work around school drop off and pick up time.

Coffee shops

Even those with an office frequently choose to meet clients in a mutually convenient coffee shop like Starbucks or Café nearby. Use coffee shops to meet people. Most cafes provide free wifi so you can take your laptop and work there in between meetings.

Domestics Crises

Life is littered with domestic crises. It can be useful to be at home working during the day, even if it is only to let the telephone engineer in to fix your BT phone box or your boiler.


You can create a work-like environment, you can dress down as far as you like if you have no meetings with customers on some days.

Interacting with people and communication

You will undoubtedly have people who work with regularly or on a project basis. You can use live chat or conference calls such as Skype, Face Time or Video call to hold teleconferences.


If you like to listen to music no one will stop you. You can create your office environment the way you like.


You know when someone starts sneezing in an open plan office? Soon everyone is reaching for the tissues. Working from home can avoid all this.

Working from home gives you lots of freedom to do your own things but you must also have strong self motivation and self disciplined to build your business.

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