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Company shares

Shares allotment

You may increase your company’s share capital by allotting shares. The UK company law requires your company director to deliver the form SH01 to Companies House within one month of your shares allotment event took place. You must include your statement of capital with your SH01 form.

Paid and Unpaid shares

You must specify the amount of shares paid in cash and unpaid in your shares allotment form.

Non cash consideration for the shares allotted

If your shares allotted fully or partly for non-cash consideration, you must show the extent to which your company have treated the shares as paid up on your form SH01 and you must also include a brief description of the non-cash payment for the shares.

Series of allotment

You can notify a series of allotments on the same form SH01, but you must send your form SH01 to Companies House no later than one month after the date of the first allotment. If you do this, the statement of capital should reflect your company’s position following the last allotment.

Bonus Shares

Your company must notify the allotment of your bonus shares to Companies House by delivering the form SH01. It should show the amount paid on each share as nil or zero and the shares as paid up otherwise than in cash.

Allotment of shares by unlimited company

An unlimited company only needs to notify Companies House if it is allotting a new class of shares i.e. class of shares which have rights that differ in any way to any previously allotted shares. You must complete and deliver the form SH09.

When filing your Confirmation statement with Companies House, you are required to update your statement of capital using the CS01 additional information page form.

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