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Unpaid late filing penalty

Settle your unpaid late filing penalty with Companies House on time. So as to avoid further legal costs add to your unpaid late filing penalty.

Usually, Companies House issue automatic late filing penalty to your company because your company accounts were delivered late. You must pay the penalty unless the reasons for your late filing is exceptional. In that case, you may then appeal to the late filing penalty.

Correspondingly, Companies House will look into your appeal and if the outcome is in your favour, they will waive your late filing penalty. However, if they uphold their decision then you must pay the penalty.

Debt collector

Otherwise, Companies House will take action against you. You must write to Companies House if you cannot pay the penalty outright to arrange payment in instalment. Preferably, before Companies House ask their debt collectors to collect the debt from you.

Complaint to Court

If you are not happy with the situation, the matter will be referred to the County Court or Sheriff Court. Companies House may also seek to recover the unpaid late filing penalty and their legal costs if the court finds in favour of The Registrar.

Late filing penalty notice

The late filing penalty notice you received gives details of the penalty imposed on your limited company or limited liability partnership. This includes your accounts filing due date and the actual date of Companies House received your company accounts.

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