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Limited liability partnership (LLP)

Limited Liability Partnership incorporation

Limited liability partnership (LLP) incorporation with Companies House has similar registration procedures to that of a limited company registration.

The procedure for incorporation of a limited liability partnership requires you to complete the form LL IN01. In addition, you must also provide the following information.

Desired LLP name

Specify your desired name for your limited liability partnership. You may use the company name availability checker to check if your desired name is available. This will expedite your LLP incorporation.

Registered office

Provide the location of your registered office whether it is in England, Wales or Scotland. Followed by the full address of the registered office. This must not be a PO BOX address. Companies House would reject your incorporation application if no suitable registered office address provided.

If you are based outside United Kingdom, you may use an address service provider. In this circumstance, the service provider will give you an address to use as your registered office address for a fee. The service provider will forward your LLP mails to you accordingly. However, you must comply with their due diligence check for using their address under the money laundering law. Thus, you must provide proof of identity and a proof of address documents.

Designated Limited Liability Partners

Your LLP must have a minimum two designated partners. Companies House would require the name, full address and date of birth each of your LLP partner. You must specify which these partners are the designated members accordingly. If all of them are designated partners please specify that fact.

Companies House filings

Generally, a designated partner has statutory duties and responsibilities with regard to filings with Companies House. This includes appointing an auditor, sign your LLP accounts and file it and deliver your Confirmation statement.

In addition, your designated partner must also handle the statutory administration of your LLP. This includes notifying Companies House of any changes to your LLP partners, LLP’s registered office address and so on.

Your Limited Liability Partnership official stationery

Last but not least, you must show your LLP name, registration number and registered office address on your LLP official stationery. This include your letterheads, websites and on all official correspondence and notices.

You may contact Companies House directly or seek accountants’s advice if you have any questions on registering your LLP with Companies House.

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