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Balance Sheet example

The balance sheet tells us the financial position of a business as at the date it was drawn up. Below is the balance sheet example that complies with the FRS102 format.

Successful Business Limited

Balance Sheet as at 31 December 2021Note
2021 (£)2020 (£)
Fixed assets
Tangible assets116,89019,050
intangible assets789895
Current assets
Cash at bank and in hand1,871,7651,836,009
Less: Creditors(76,923)(23,888)
Net current assets6,396,0233,376,238
Total assets less current liabilities6,413,7023,396,183
Long term loan(10,000)(10,000)
Net assets6,403,7023,386,183
Capital and reserves
Call up share capital1,0001,000
Retained Profit6,402,7023,385,183

Overview Successful Business Balance Sheet position

Successful Business Limited balance sheet example tells us, the company is healthy and strong. Its cash at the bank and in hand can cover its short term creditors in both accounting years.

Compulsory filings with the UK authorities

You must deliver your company accounts, confirmation statement to Companies House when they are due. In addition, you must also deliver your company accounts which include your balance sheet together with your corporation tax return to HM Revenue and Customs.

You will receive a late filing penalty if your company accounts are filed late.

If you require help with your company accounts and confirmation statement preparation and filing, feel free to contact our accountants they would be more than happy to assist you.

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