Record shares transfers in Confirmation statement

Record shares transfers in Confirmation statement is inevitable. Generally, you are required to disclose your shares transactions during the year with Companies House.

For this purpose, it is important to complete your Confirmation statement correctly when you have shares transfers during the year. Otherwise, Companies House will reject your confirmation statement if the shareholders section of the form is incomplete or with errors.

Shares transfers illustration

For example, you have 100 shares issued to yourself when your limited company was incorporated. Subsequently, you transferred one share to your friend and 49 shares to your wife on 01 January 2019.

The table below show how to record shares transfers in Confirmation statement.

NameClass of shareNo. of shares heldNo. of shares transfer’dDate of reg.or transfer

Correspondingly, you enter the date of transfer of 01 January 2019 next to your name only. Do not put the date of the transfer of 1 January 2019 in your wife or your friend name.

Accordingly, Companies House would recognize the transfer date of 01 January 2019 is the date of your wife and your friend received the shares.

Particularly, ensure the total number of your limited company’s shares in the column, number of shares currently held equal to total shares issued by your limited company. Otherwise, Companies House will return your Confirmation statement to your company’s registered office for amendment.

On the other hand, you may contact Companies House if you have questions about your shares transfers or filing your confirmation statement.

Confirmation statement is a snapshot of your company information registered with Companies House. Your company is required to submit this document at least once very 12 months. Failure to file your confirmation statement is a criminal offence.

Letters return to sender

Your letters would be normally be returned to sender if you no longer occupying the property or the current occupier marked your letters with “return to sender” and post it back to Companies House.

Renew service with service providers

Your service provide will return to your letters to sender if your company did not renew your address services on time. The problem arises is when you are expecting your company authentication code to do your Companies House filing online. For example, your confirmation statement already long overdue. As a result, Companies House may propose to strike off your company and eventually dissolve it.

If you want to get your authentication code you would have to renew your service with them anyway.

To avoid your letters return to sender, do renew your address service on time. So that no interruption to your mails service.

Change service provider

Sometime It is necessary to change your service provider especially if it seems like you are not getting any mails for your company for the entire year. Certainly. every company would receive reminders from Companies House for any filing due and a corporation tax reminder from HM Revenue and Customs. If you are not getting these mails every year then it is time to change your service provider.

Proof of address and identity documents

Above all you must provide proof of identity and proof of address to your service provider. This is a legal requirement before they could forward your mails to your preferred forwarding address.

Moved to new office

You have 14 days to inform Companies House of your new registered office address. You are to submit the Companies House form AD01 if the new office is also your registered office address.

Sign up for the Royal Mail forwarding service to continue to access mails sent to your old registered office address. You may stop the service as soon as your new registered office address is registered with Companies House.

Change your registered office

You can change your company’s registered office address online or on paper.

Your company’s authentication code is required if you are to submit the Companies House form AD01 using the webfiling service. You will get an email to confirm receipt of your submission and another email to confirm if your submission was accepted.

Alternatively, you may submit your form AD01 on paper. The form must be signed and dated by your director or company secretary. You may then post or hand deliver your form to the correct Companies House offices. Companies House will publish your new registered office address on their website if they accept your form. Otherwise you will receive your AD01 back suggesting amendment then re-submit.

You must also update your company official stationery with your new address accordingly. This includes your letterhead, websites and your other official company stationery.

Registered office address

Your registered office address must be in the United Kingdom. For example, if your company was incorporated in England, your new registered office address must be situated in England and it cannot be an address in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Companies House do not accept a PO Box address as a valid registered office address for your UK company. It must be a physical address. Also, if you use your home address as your registered office, bear in mind that it will appear on Companies House website. Anyone can see it. Thus, If you do not want your home address to appear on the public register, consider using a service provider’s address.

Annual return

Limited company and limited liability partnership (LLP) must submit annual return with Companies House. Companies House set your return due date. If your annual return filing deadline is 30 June 2016. You have 28 days from that date to file it. The Companies House form to use is AR01.

What is annual return?

Annual return provides a snapshot of your company and limited liability partnership information. Companies House requires every company and LLP to update and validate the information held by the Registrar once every 12 months.

The snapshot of information in your annual return includes the following information.

Company name

as per your certificate of incorporation.

Company registration number

given by Companies House.

The type of your company

For example, if it is private or public limited company

Registered office address

This cannot be a PO Box address.

Principal business activity

If your company or LLP has not traded since its incorporation, specify 99999 as your SIC code for a dormant company. Otherwise, you choose the SIC code that is closely match your business activity.


You are to include the appointment, resignation and changes in personal particulars during the year.

Company secretary

Appointment of company secretary is optional for a private limited company. However the appointment is compulsory for a public limited company.

A secretary for a public limited company must have the minimum qualification and experience required by law to hold the position.


Details includes the name and number of shares held by each shareholder.

Statement of capital

This includes nominal value of each share, shares types, voting rights on each type of share, the paid and unpaid amount on each share.

Annual Return abolished

The annual return filing was officially replaced with Confirmation statement filing after 30 June 2016. After this date, you must submit Confirmation Statement instead of annual return.

Confirmation statement

Confirmation statement filing deadline is shorter compared to annual return filing deadline. You are given 14 days to submit your Confirmation Statement CS01 with Companies House. whereas you have 28 days to file your annual return. You can file it either online or on paper.

Your Confirmation statement is to confirm the details registered with Companies House are still valid and correct at every 12 months.

Likewise If there is any changes during the 12 months, you must be communicated with Companies House by filing relevant Companies House forms with them.

Companies House forms

The forms to use if there are changes in your company information.

  • AD01 if your registered office has changed.
  • AP01 if you appointed a new director.
  • TM02 if you would like to remove your company secretary.
  • AD02 to register your SAIL address if you are keeping your company registers somewhere else other than at your registered office.
  • AD04 when you move your company registers back to your registered office.
  • CH01 if there was changes to your director’s personal details.
  • AA01 if you would like to change your accounting reference date.

Person with significant control (PSC)

This is new law. You are required to provide information of People with Significant Control (PSC) when submitting your confirmation statement. In contrast, this was not required in filing your annual return.

Nominee director and shareholder service

As a result of the introduction of Person with Significant Control, people cannot hide behind a company using a nominee anymore.

Consequently this has rendered the nominee director and nominee shareholder served no purpose anymore.

PSC forms

You are to use the following forms to provide information about your PSC with Companies House.

  • PSC01 if your PSC is an individual.
  • PSC02 if your PSC is an entity.
  • PSC03 if your PSC is an registrable person.
  • PSC04 to change the PSC personal details.
  • PSC05 to change particulars of PSC entity.
  • PSC06 to change details of your PSC registrable person.
  • PSC07 for termination of your PSC.
  • PSC08 to give notice of PSC statement/
  • PSC09 to give notice of update to PSC statement.

Send Reminders to Registered Office

Companies House sends reminders to your Registered office address. Therefore If you no longer have access to mails sent to your registered office address, you must change to an address where you could have access to mails sent there. You are to use the form AD01 to change your registered office address.