5G and Huawei equipment

The UK government issued a press release on 14 July 2020, Huawei is to be removed from the UK 5G network and Huawei equipment is banned after 31 December 2020. Additionally, existing Huawei equipment must be removed from the UK 5G network by 2027.

This decision was made following a technical review by the National Cyber Security Centre in response to US sanctions.

5G provides the faster mobile internet and more reliable than 4G and 3G.

Huawei equipment include the following:

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • laptops
  • full-fibre broadband equipment

No link between 5G and coronavirus

On the same note. back on May 2020, 5G was linked to the spread of Coronavirus. There were also 5G protest around the same time of the Black Lives Matters protest. The Government issued guidance explaining how 5G works and that there is no link between 5G and coronavirus.

Read the guidance here.

UK Businesses currently use 5G and Huawei equipment

The National Cyber Security Centre has issued guidance on the use of equipment from High-Risk Vendors (HRV) and Huawei is considered HRV.

See the guidance here.

Update your fixed assets register accordingly when you replace your Huawei equipment used for business, for example, the smartphone.

Companies House filings during COVID-19 pandemic

Companies House also gear up to support UK businesses during COVID-19 pandemic. They will automatically extend your company’s filing deadline. This will help you to avoid a late filing penalty if you are unable to deliver your company accounts on time during this pandemic. You do not need to do anything. You just need to go to Companies House website to check your new filing deadline.

On the same note, your confirmation statement filing deadline will also be extended. You would have 6 weeks to file your confirmation statement. Likewise, for the events driven filings, you will have 42 days (6 weeks) to notify Companies House instead of the usual 14 days filing deadline.

In addition, Companies House also created an interim paperless filing service to accept documents which would normally require a live signature.

During this pandemic, you are encouraged to submit your documents online to Companies House. You can use the webfiling service to file the following documents to Companies House.

To file online, you would require your company’s authentication code. The authentication code is the electronic equivalent of your company’s director(s) signatures. Keep safe your authentication code.

If you require help with your company’s filings, contact Our accountants. They will be more than happy to assist you.

Automatic extension of Companies House documents filing deadline

Companies House announced an automatic extension of Companies House documents filing deadline on 1 July 2020. This is a temporary change to support companies during the COVID-19 outbreak and give businesses more time to comply.

You do not have to do anything. Companies House will automatically extend your filing deadline. You can check your new filing deadline on the Companies House website. This is a brilliant news.

Prior to this, you must apply to extend your company accounts filing deadline online. This is no longer the case.

The automatic extension of Companies House documents filing deadline includes the following filings:

Company accounts filing deadline extension

Companies House will extend your company account’s filing deadline for an additional 3 months automatically. You do not have to do anything. For further information, click here.

Automatic extension of Confirmation statement filing deadline By Companies House

Companies House will allow Companies and partnerships more time to submit their Confirmation statement . You have 6 weeks to submit your confirmation statement instead of the current 14 days deadline.

Event-driven filings deadlines with Companies House

Event-driven filings deadlines are increased to 42 days as well. For example, change of registered office address. Usually, you would have to notify Companies House within 14 days, now you have 42 days to notify Companies House during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Mortgage charges registration with Companies House

You have a further 10 days to submit your mortgage charges forms and relevant documents with Companies House. In short, you have 31 days to do it.

Full guidance available here.

Wear a face mask or a face covering

Due to the Covid19 outbreak, the UK has gone into lockdown from 23 March 2020 and after 7 weeks on 10 May 2020, the Prime Minister announced an easing of the lockdown. The UK government encouraged people to wear a face mask or a face covering when going to public places.

With this announcement, you can now go to work if cannot work from home. Additionally, you can also meet one person outside your household. This is a very encouraging positive move to slowly bring back the UK economy.

Especially for businesses that keep their accounting books and records on papers. They can now go to their office to gather those accounting records and pass it on to their accountants to prepare their company accounts. Remember, Companies House allows limited companies to extend their company accounts filing deadline for an additional 3 months without a penalty but you must apply for it. There is no extension allowed when comes to submitting your confirmation statement with Companies House.

At the same time, you could take the opportunity to discuss the financial support for businesses during coronavirus outbreak announced by the UK government if you prefer to do it face to face.

  • Claiming Statutory sick pay paid to employees due to COVID19
  • Claiming wages through the coronavirus job retention scheme
  • Deferral of VAT payments due to COVID19
  • Deferral of Self Assessment return due to COVID19
  • Business rates relief
  • Business support grant funds
  • support for the self-employed
  • Support for the small and medium-sized businesses
  • Also, support for large businesses

How to make a face mask or a face covering

Understandably, the UK government has published guidance on how to make a face mask or face covering for yourself. You can make a face mask or a face covering using a T-shirt. It is very simple to make and the guidance comes with measurement and picture to follow.

There is also an alternative available, a sewn cloth face covering. This is also very simple to make. You do not need a sewing machine.

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