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Pay penalty by installment

Pay late filing penalty by instalment is possible to arrange if your company is unable to pay the late filing penalty outright. Write to Companies House with your proposed late filing penalty instalment payment plan. You must explain why you unable to pay the late filing penalty.

Companies House will then review your proposal and will let you know if they approve your request.

How to pay late filing penalty by installment

You may pay your late filing penalty by cheque and by bank transfer. If you are paying your late filing penalty by cheque make sure you send your cheque to the correct Companies House office.

For example, Companies registered in England must send your cheque to Companies House in Cardiff. Do the same for companies registered in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Don’t pay what would happens

Most importantly, you must not ignore your late filing penalty just because you don’t have the money to pay outright. This is because Companies House will escalate your case to a debt collector and enforce the payment through court. This will become even more expensive for you later.

We live and we learn. Pay your late filing penalty by installment. Get it done and over with.

Avoid late filing penalty

You can avoid late filing penalty. All you have to do is to deliver your company accounts on time to Companies House. You will only get late filing penalty when your accounts were late even just by one day.

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