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The hardbound company register is divided into manageable sections for ease of reference and comes with an organized form and templates for you to fill in the required statutory information. This register also includes a brief description of what information is to be kept on each section of the register and it will help especially new company directors/owners to understand what details are to be recorded in the register.

The company register is ideal for limited company prefer to maintain their own statutory books. The register comes in a very handy A4 size booklet and can easily fit into your laptop bag together with your laptop.

The register can be used as a reference and serve as reminders as to what documents are required to be kept by your limited company and to be registered with Companies House.

The register is very useful when comes to preparing your company confirmation statement for filing with Companies House.

The hardbound register booklet contained the following sections.

  1. Applications and Allotments
  2. Register of transfers
  3. Particulars of mortgages and charges
  4. Register of debentures
  5. Register of members
  6. Directors and secretaries
  7. Minutes
  8. Share certificates

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