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Wooden based plier company seal


Wooden based Plier company seal has the same specification to HPI Plier company seal. The hand finished solid wooden base provides the modern elegant look and high quality imprint.

Wooden based Plier company seal is used to make an impression or leave an indentation on formal contracts and legal documents including share certificate. Documents signed under seal are effective prima facie evidence of genuine.

The wooden based Plier is easy to use and compact in size. Its use only requires gentle pressure on to the document to produce good quality imprint.

Design and layout

Your company name and company number which can be found in the certificate of incorporation are engraved onto the seal in a round shape. The example of the company seal layout is displayed below.

company seal layout

If you would like to engrave special logo or text or different design to your company seal, you are welcome to contact us, we will provide you with a quote based on your logo design.

Your company seal will be delivered to you by a reputable carriers.

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