Power of 8

Power of 8, what does this means? a business coach said usually people give up after two attempts. He further said you are likely to succeed if you attempt 8 times or more.

When I think of the number 8, I am thinking it represents prosperity and wealth. If you put the number 8 horizontally, the number 8 becomes the symbol of infinity. Infinity means limitless, bottomless, endless. Infinity of wealth is great.

I do think the power of 8 has its power. Personally, I like number 8 because it has no sharp edges on the number. To me, it represents smoothness and smooth is good in personal life, career life and business life.

I did attempt something 16 times previously to get what I want. Something that I never done before and I have no clue where to start either. The duration to get what I wanted was 3 years. First, I made the decision to go through the process. I had my super big WHY. This big WHY is very important and it helps you to hang in there when you fed up with life and wanted to give up. Your big WHY has to be super big that it overrides your fear.

Guard your heart, everything you do flow from it

There is a famous quote “guard your heart, for everything you do flow from it.” This is so true. First, you have to decide the path you are going to take. Thereafter, your thinking and actions will come naturally to support your decision.

Let me share with you a true story. A child wanted to join her mother on a mountain hiking trip. Her mother said she was too young (at that time) maybe when she was older. This child has never done any mountain climbing before nor her mother but she strongly believed that she can do it.

A year from that conversation, every year she reminded her mother she wanted to climb that mountain. She went on and on about it. She developed her mountain climbing skills by watching people shared their experiences on YouTube and also watching movies with hiking scenes. Cleverly, she noted down things that she thought would be useful for her hiking trip. She showed her mother the list of items she would need for the mountain hiking trip like the torch, the rain coat, mosquito repellant, snacks, socks and her handwritten list was an A4 size long.

She acted as if her mother would definitely take her hiking. At first, her mother was actually reluctant to take her because she has a heart defect. Many people think taking her hiking is very risky to her health. The child was so determined that she sent out vibes that she would reach the mountain peak no question about it. Her mother saw her determination, she eventually decided to help the child to reach her life goal.

The truth was the child was talking about the mountain climbing trip for 6 years and finally, she did it. On the mountain, she did feel like giving up when the climb was getting tough and she was tired. Again she made the decision to keep going, one step in front of another till she reached to the peak. She understand her mind controls her body and therefore her mind rules over it all. She reached the altitude level of 4000m above sea level.

Later on, they found out there was a research on the impact of altitude on Children’s heart by a group of research cardiologists based in UK. They took children with healthy heart to the first base camp of Mount Everest at 3500m above sea level.

This proof that the child’s mind can over power her heart condition. The child was inspired by the famous quote by Scott Fisher in the movie of the Mount Everest – “ It’s not the altitude, it’s the attitude.”

The child subconsciously used the power of 8 to achieve her life goal. She had definitely talked about her hiking desire more than 8 times in those 6 years and lost count the number of times she revised her mountain climbing list.

Use the power of 8 in your business

Anthony Robbins’s inspiring quote “if you want to take the island, you need to burn the boat.” By burning your boat, the only choice you have is to succeed in taking the island. The power of 8 becomes very useful here until you succeed.

How to set up a facebook page for your brand or business

Facebook is another market place for online business. Your kids can use facebook to promote their online store. You require a personal facebook account in order to be able to set up a brand or business facebook page. Your kid must be at least 13 years old to have a personal Facebook account.

Say you have successfully set up your T-shirts online store with Teespring.com with no money upfront, following that, this is how to set up a facebook page for your brand or business.

Step 1: Login to your personal Facebook account.

Step 2: Go to the top right-hand corner, on the blue bar, you can see “CREATE”. Click on it. A drop-down menu would appear, you would see the options to create a page or an ad or a group or an event or marketplace listing or fundraiser. Choose “PAGE”.

Step 3: You have two options – business or brand or community or public figure. Choose to get started with Business or brand.

Step 4: Enter a great business or brand name in mind in the PAGE NAME. Then select a category for your product or a service. After that, enter your address and please remember to TICK the Don’t show my address. Only show that this business in the city, state region. This is important especially if it is your home address. You do not want strangers to turn up at your doorstep unexpectedly.

Step 5: Upload a profile picture or your business logo. You can SKIP this page if you have not got a nice picture for your business yet. You can always add your profile picture later.

Step 6: Add your cover photo. Again, you can SKIP this if you have not got your nice photo to upload. You can do it later. Click next to complete.

Step 7: You can invite your friends to like your business brand page! so they can spread the word about your business.

Here is an example of a brand Facebook page created for Amelia with Fallot Heart.

Post something cool about your product or service to attract new like every now and then to engage with your fans.

You may also run a facebook ad on your business page by boosting a post. This option is not free but you can set a budget for each ad. You would require card payment details to do this.

Good luck and may your business prosper.

How your kid can set up an online store with no money upfront

How your kid can set up an online store with no money upfront. We will show you how to do it. We received a very good response from our article young people starting a business. In that article, we share young people can get lots of help and support to kickstart their business in the UK. So, why not? encourage your kids to start a business. No upfront costs require anyway. You have nothing to lose here.

Something your kids passionate about

One thing I must say, your kids must choose something that they are passionate about to turn it into a product or a service. Why? because if they do not passionate about what they are selling they would not give up easily. They will just keep going and keep believing.

Sell online platforms to use

Let me show you something easy to create. We wear T-shirts. You can sell T-shirts online. They are many online platforms out there you can use such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and many other T-shirts companies. Some of these platforms require you pay monthly subscription fees like Amazon and Shopify. You can always expand your business exposure to these platforms later on.

No money upfront, all free, great news for kids to start a business

Now choose the platform that is free first. We wanted to show you kids can start their own business with no upfront money required. All is needed is your kid’s time and he/she knows how to use a smartphone and/or a laptop.

Dropshipping service

We will show you how to set up an online storefront in Teespring.com. We choose teespring.com because they provide a drop shipping service. This means you do not have to buy your T-shirts upfront and you do not have to worry about what sizes to stock up etc. Teespring will print the T-shirts when your customer order one and send it to your customer directly and pay you the profit. With this service, Teespring.com will charge you a base cost to print your T-shirt for your customers.

The General T-shirts printing rules are more colors on your design will cost more to print therefore less profit for you. For this reason, design your T-shirt with fewer colors if possible.

How your kid can set up an online store on Teespring.com with no money upfront

Create an account first

Step one: Go to teespring.com to “sign up” for an account. You require an email and a password. If you do not have a ready email to use. Go create an email account from Gmail or Hotmail or yahoo for free.

Step two: when you log in to Teespring account. You will see “choose your product” at the top of your dashboard. Watch the 4 minutes YouTube video to help you get started.

Get started to design your t-shirt

Step three: Choose any T-shirt style you like to sell. Say women’s T-shirts.

Step four: Select a women’s T-shirt product. Just click on the T-shirt style you like.

Step five: It will take you to the screen – what would you like to do with your design? On that page, you have two options – buy or Sell. Choose Sell.

Step six: Create your product. Here, you can start design your T-shirt. You add a photo and add text to your T-shirt. Choose the color of your T-shirt as well.

Add more products to sell with your original design

Step seven: After you are happy with your design, click the continue button on the left-hand side. it will take you to Great design. Now you can add more products! Here, you can add unisex/Men T-shirts, women t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, tank tops, kids and babies t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, socks, and leggings. You can also add accessories like iPhone case, tote bag, mug, Samsung case with your design printed on it. Additionally, you may add some home products like pillow, poster, towels etc too. All these products will be sold with your original design. It’s awesome. isn’t it?

The final touch to complete your online t-shirt store

Step eight: Click the continue button after you selected the products you want, this will take you to Create your listing page. Here you add a title to your T-shirts business. The title can be effectively your brand name. Preferably add a title that helps people to easily remember your online store so that they can find you later if they want to buy more. Give a brief description of what is so cool about your T-shirts. Select the front view as the image you want your customers to first see. Finally, you add an URL for your business.

Here is an example of an online store we created in Teespring, the tortoise t-shirts company because we love tortoises. Lastly, click on publish your listing.

Congratulations. Your T-shirts online store is ready. Can you see now it is easy to set up an online store with no money upfront for kids.

Let’s set up a facebook page for your online business for free as well.