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UK businesses to reopen from 15 June 2020

The UK government has announced that some UK businesses to reopen from 15 June 2020. Thousands of non-essential high street shops, department stores and shopping centres would open for business from 15 June 2020.

The non-essential shops that allow reopening from 15 June 2020 are as follows: according to the Government guidance.

  • Book shops
  • Electronics retailers
  • Tailors
  • Auction houses
  • Photography studios
  • Indoor markets
  • Clothing shops
  • Shoes shops
  • Toys shops

UK businesses to reopen from 15 June 2020 must comply and must take reasonable steps to protect their customers and staff. For example, limit the number of customers in their shop at any one time such as displaying a sign read 10 customers at any one time. Consumers would usually comply for their own safety. For shops where consumers cannot see how many customers already inside the shop then it may be wise to have someone at the door to co-ordinate.

Businesses’ owners should also display a NOTICE prominently in their shop’s windows or outside their shop to show to their staff and customers that they have complied with the government guidance.

The NOTICE read Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020. Five steps to safer working together. The shop owners must sign and date the notice and provide contact information of who to contact for health and safety issues. You can download the NOTICE here.

The UK government also recommend people to wear face coverings

It is good to learn that the UK government is slowly and safely bringing back the UK economy. Take note that it is mandatory to wear a face-covering on public transport and it is also a good idea to wear it in confined spaces such as inside a shop.

Other help and support for UK businesses

There are other help and support available to businesses affected by Covid-19 outbreak.

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