SR01 to Remove a home address

You can apply to Companies House using the form SR01 to remove a home address from the Companies House register. Section 1088 of the Companies Act 2006 allows company director, officer, shareholder (subscriber) and partner of a Limited liability partnership to apply to Companies House to have their home address removed from documents filed for the public inspection.

For this purpose, you must complete the Companies House form SR01. Additionally, you must pay the statutory fee of £32 per document. For example, you can apply to remove your home address as your service address because you are the company director.

You need to specify the document containing your home address in your SR01 form. You can search Companies House register here to find out

There is a circumstance where you cannot ask Companies House to remove your home address from the Companies House register. This is where your home address was used as the registered office address of your LLP or limited company.

Pay Companies House fee

You can pay the £32 fee online here. You will be given a payment reference.

How to submit your SR01 application during COVID-19 pandemic

You can submit your SR01 by post. Or you can email (see below) your completed SR01 with your payment reference.

Other Companies House filings during COVID-19 pandemic

Companies House also provide other support to UK businesses during COVID-19 pandemic. Your company’s account filing deadline has been extended. This will help you to avoid a late filing penalty if you are unable to deliver your company accounts on time during this pandemic. You do not need to do anything. You just need to go to Companies House website to check your new filing deadline.

On the same note, your confirmation statement filing deadline has also been extended. You would have 6 weeks to file your confirmation statement. Likewise, for the events driven filings, you will have 42 days (6 weeks) to notify Companies House instead of the usual 14 days filing deadline.

In addition, Companies House also created an interim paperless filing service to accept documents which would normally require a live signature.

During this pandemic, you are encouraged to submit your documents online to Companies House. You can use the webfiling service to file the following documents to Companies House.

To file online, you would require your company’s authentication code. The authentication code is the electronic equivalent of your company’s director(s) signatures. Keep safe your authentication code.

If you require help with your company’s filings, contact Our accountants. They will be more than happy to assist you.

Remove your home address from Companies House register

The UK company law, in particular, section 1088 of the Companies Act 2006 allows Companies House to remove your home address from Companies House register. In other words, your home address will not be available on the public register. Of course, your application is subject to Companies House approval.

How to apply to remove your home address from Companies House register

To begin with, you search the Companies House register to find out the company name, incorporation number of which your home address was placed on the public register. You would require this information to complete the companies house form SR01 and send to the following address. Remember to enclose a cheque payable to Companies House for the statutory fee of £55 with your application. Companies House will return your application if you do not enclose the correct statutory fee.

The Registrar of Companies

PO Box 4082
CF14 3WE

Subsequently, Companies House will review your application and let you know if your application is successful or unsuccessful.

Your home address also your registered office address

You may not use this law to remove your home address from the public register where your home address is also your registered office address.

Companies House send reminders to your registered office address when your confirmation statement and company accounts are due.

If you have any questions about removing your home address from Companies House record, contact Companies House or speak with our accountants.

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