Ready made company

Ready made company is a company incorporated for sale. This is the fastest way to incorporation. This type of company is also called off the shelf company.

With Ready made company you can start trading as soon as the ownership is changed over to you. This can usually be done within one business day.

Incorporation documents

Generally, a ready made company has all the incorporation documents taken care of and this includes:

  • Memorandum and Articles,
  • Articles of Association,
  • A statement of first directors and secretary and intended address of registered office and declaration of compliance with under section 9 of Companies Act 2006.

Additionally, the company has a certificate of incorporation.

Ready made company filings history

Off the shelf company is basically a dormant company. Ordinarily, this type of company would have a filing history with Companies House. For examples, annual return, confirmation statement and dormant accounts filings with Companies House depending on how old the company is.

On one hand, you would find that all the filing history confirm the off the shelf company is a dormant company. For instance, you would see a dormant account is filed, the principal business activity on the annual return and confirmation statement stated with the SIC code 9999 and 99999 respectively.

Transfer of ownership

The transfer of ownership documentation including the appointment of a new director, change of shareholders details and change of your company registered office would be delivered to Companies House to effect the new ownership of the company.

At the same time, you may appoint a company secretary for your ready made company. The appointment is optional under the Companies Act 2006 for a private limited company.

Express company name change

You may also change your ready made company name if you wish. Companies House provide express company name change service that guaranteed done in one business day. Consequently, you will receive a certificate of change of name from Companies House. But, your company registration number would not change. The same goes with your filings history. In other words, just your company name changed everything else remained the same.

List of ready made companies with prestigious names

All the filings with Companies House for the ready made companies listed below is up to date.

Ready made companyIncorporation dateHow oldPrice
Everything for runners Ltd20.05.20109 years old£10,000
Fine Arts and pictures Limited19.02.20136 years old£7,000
Colorful Unicorn Ltd19.02.20136 years old£7,000
Cute gifts and flowers Limited18.02.20136 years old£7,000

Lastly, contact us if you have any questions about ready made companies.

Restore or setup new company

Restore or set up new company options are available if you would like to keep the name of your company that has been struck off by Companies House.

Companies House actively removes company with overdue Confirmation Statement and company accounts. It is your company director’s responsibility to make sure your company’s filings are up to date with Companies House.

Company’s registered office

Companies House would have sent multiple reminders to your company’s registered office address when your company’s confirmation statement or company accounts are overdue. The proposal to strike off would be published in the Gazette if there is still no response from you and your company be struck off eventually after a couple of months.

Therefore it is very important that you keep your company’s registered office up to date and make sure mails sent to that address able to reach you.

Difference between restore or setup new company

The main differences to restore or set up a new company are tabulated below:

CompanyRestoreSetup new
Company namesame nameCan be the same name
Company registration numberExistingNew
Company’s filing historyContinuedStart new

Which option is suitable for you is dependent on your business objectives.

Setup a new company with the same name

Generally speaking, set up a new company is often more affordable than restoring your dissolved company. If your aim is just to keep the company name and the company holds no assets and never traded before then set up a new company may be the best option for you if the cost is your main consideration.

Restore dissolved company

On the other hand, restore your company would be your only option if your dissolved company have been actively trading, holds assets or have contracts under its name. The reasons your company was dissolved was due to overdue company accounts or confirmation statement.

For example, if you have legally binding contracts under your dissolved company name, you must restore your dissolved company because if there is any disputes in court, new company with the same name is not exactly the same contracting party because the company registration number has changed and the company is technical a new entity and separate to your dissolved company.

Voluntary strike off

Take note that if you have voluntarily applied to strike off your company previously, you would not be able to restore your company through administrative restoration. You must apply to court.

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