Appoint or remove LLP partner

Appoint or remove LLP partner in your limited liability partnership (LLP) must be communicated with Companies House within 14 days.

You must submit the correct Companies House forms to Companies House when your LLP partner resigned from office or you have appointed a new LLP partner for your LLP.

Any changes to your current LLP partners’ personal details must also be reported with Companies House.

Notify Companies House when you appoint or remove LLP partner

You may notify Companies House of any changes to your LLP partners by post or through web filing service.

Below are the Companies House forms for notifying Companies House of your LLP partners.

Form referencePurpose
LL AP01Appointment of an individual member
LL AP02Appointment of a corporate member
LL CH01Change of individual member’s details
LL CH02Change of corporate member’s details
LL TM01Termination of appointment of member

You may send your Companies House forms to notify the changes in your LLP partners by post if you wish.

Below are the Companies House offices:

Cardiff office:
Companies House
Crown way,
CF14 3UZ

Edinburgh office:
Companies House
4th floor, Edinburg quay 2,
139 Foundainbridge,

London office:
Companies House
4 Abbey Orchard Street

Belfast office:
Companies House
1st floor, Waterfront Plaza,
8 Laganbank road,
Belfast BT1 3BS.

Lastly, appointment and removal of your LLP partner must also be included in your confirmation statement.

Late filing penalty for limited liability partnership

Late filing penalty for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) when you deliver your partnership accounts late to Companies House. Even if your accounts were just late by one day.

This late filing penalty is also applied to LLP that is dormant since it’s incorporation. In other words, even if your LLP is dormant you must still submit your dormant LLP accounts.

Usually, Companies House will send you the late filing penalty invoice after your LLP accounts were filed, accepted and published for public record. Consequently, your LLP must pay the late filing penalty unless you intend to appeal against it.

Generally, Companies House would consider your appeal if your circumstance leading to late filing of your accounts was exceptional. Subsequently, they may waive the late filing penalty for your limited liability partnership.

Ordinarily, when comes to assessing what is exceptional circumstance, Companies House is very strict. For example, your LLP is dormant. You did not know you require to submit a dormant account or that you do not have money to pay the penalty. Both of these circumstances are not considered exceptional.

On the other hand, you would have a better chance to get your late filing penalty waived. For instance, there was an unannounced postal strike by Royal Mail and you were affected by it.

However, if you are unable to pay the penalty now. You may write to Companies House to request to pay the penalty by instalments. You must include your propose instalment payment plan. For instance, say your penalty is £1500. You would like to pay £300 per month and you would settle it in 5 months.

Deliver accounts lateLate filing penalty apply
Less than 1 month £150
Less than 3 months £375
Less than 6 months £750
More than 6 months £1500

See accountants advice if you are not familiar with Companies House filings for your limited liability partnership.

Registered office for Limited Liability Partnership

Registered office for your limited liability partnership (LLP) must be a physical location. Companies House does not accept P O BOX address as a valid registered office address.

Both HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House send reminders and letters to your registered office. This includes legal notices.

Your registered office address need not be a place where you run your business. Some businesses use their accountants’ office as their registered office so that their statutory mails can be dealt with promptly.

If you are no longer able to access mails sent to your registered office address, it is time to change it. You must submit the form LL AD01 to Companies House.

Companies House will strike off your LLP if they received mails sent to your registered office was returned to sender. In other words, their letters were unable to reach out to your LLP partners. Thus, it is imperative that you have a valid registered office address at all times. If you move office, remember to change your registered office with Companies House within 14 days.

Another thing is, remember to renew your registered office address service if you are using a service provider. The provider usually returns your LLP mails to the sender if your service has expired with them.

Limited liability partnership registered office location

Generally, If your Limited Liability Partnership is registered with Companies House in England then your registered office must be situated in England.

For instance, your LLP has been originally registered office as only being situated in Wales then your registered office cannot be situated outside of Wales.

Likewise, If your LLP is registered with Companies House in Scotland, your registered office must be situated in Scotland.

Similarly, you must always use a registered address situated in Northern Ireland if your LLP is originally registered in Northern Ireland.

Contact us if you require help with updating your registered office with Companies House. You must notify your registered office address changes before you submit your confirmation statement if your statement is due.

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