SIC code

Your limited company must specify a SIC code when completing your Confirmation Statement for submission with Companies House. You must choose the SIC code that closely match your company’s business activities.

What is SIC codes?

SIC stands for The United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities. The SIC code is a pre-defined 5 digits numbers used in categorisation of UK businesses’ trading activities. Companies House works closely with the Office of National Statistics to collect statistical trading data for governmental analysis purposes.

Your company’s business activities

Your limited company can have more than one business activities.
Select the SIC codes that closely match your business activities when filling in your Confirmation statement.

For example, you may two main business activities under your company. Say, interior design service and letting of your own property. Your codes can be 74100 for specialised design activities and 68209 for Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate.

New SIC code has 5 digits

Companies House will reject your Confirmation Statement if you use the outdated SIC codes. The latest version is called SIC code version 2007.

It is recommended to file your Confirmation statement online if possible because the SIC codes in the Companies House’s web filing service is the updated version of the codes.

For examples, a dormant company must use the SIC code of 99999 and for non-trading company, the code is 74990.

Old SIC codes has 4 digits

If you are looking at 4 digits SIC codes list then you know it is not the latest version codes.

Take the same examples above, a dormant company under the old code would have a code read 9999 and the new code is 99999. For a non-trading company, the old code was 7499 and the new code is 74990.

Convert old SIC to new SIC code

Let say, your current business activity is buying and selling your own property for a profit. The code to use under the old code is 7012 for buying & sell own real estate.

When filing your confirmation statement using the 2007 version of SIC codes, you would choose the code 68100 with the description buying and selling of own real estate.

Another example for you. If your company was setup to manage residential property, the old code was 9800 for residents property management and the new code is 98000 with the exact same description.

Describe your trading activity

If you are unable to find suitable SIC code that closely match your principal business activity, you must provide brief description of your trading activity in your Confirmation statement CS01 part 1 form.

Confirmation Statement for dormant company

Confirmation Statement for dormant company is compulsory for company registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

Your company is classified as a dormant company under the Companies Act 2006 if there is no significant transactions during the financial period.

You have 14 days to deliver your Confirmation Statement for your dormant. Both your confirmation statement date and filing due date are prominently published on Companies House website.

First time submit Confirmation Statement

First time filing your Confirmation Statement required a bit of due diligence to ensure the information given to Companies House for public record is complete and accurate and still valid as at the date of your Confirmation Statement.

You must provide the following information with Companies House:

  • Who is the Person with Significant Control for your dormant company.
  • Your company name and registration number must match your certificate of incorporation or your certificate of change of name issued by Companies House.
  • The SIC code for a dormant company is 99999.
  • Shareholder’s particulars,
  • Statement of capital detailed the class of share and number of shares allotted.

Changes to your company information

Any changes to your company’s information from the date of incorporation or your last annual return date or your last confirmation statement date, relevant Companies House forms must be delivered before or at the same time filing your Confirmation Statement.

For examples, if you have changed your registered office address from your home address to an address service provider you would require to deliver the form AD01 with Companies House. You can file the AD01 online or on paper.

You may also require to file the form AD02 if you continue to keep your company registers at your home address. The form AD02 is to register your home address as your SAIL address. However, you do not have to file the form AD02 if your company registers would be kept at your company’s registered office address.

You can change your director’s personal information with Companies House by filing the form CH01. Whilst use the form TM01 to remove a director and the form AP01 to appoint a new director.

Another change could be that when your dormant company was setup a secretary was appointed and you are using a nominee service. The appointment of secretary for a private limited company is now optional. You can remove your company secretary by filing the form TM02.

Nothing has changed since last Confirmation Statement

If there is no changes to your company’s information since your last Confirmation Statement date. You would only need to confirm this fact by filing the confirmation statement main form CS01, If you are filing the CS01 on paper, your company director or sectary must sign and date the form.

You would require your authentication code if you are filing your Confirmation Statement online. The code is the electronic equivalent of your company director’s or secretary’s signature.

Confirmation statement fee

There is a fee payable to Companies House for filing your Confirmation Statement CS01 form. £40 for paper filing and £13 for online filing. You have the options to pay by Paypal, UK debit cards or credit cards.

Dormant company account

Beside filing confirmation statement for your dormant company with Companies House, the other document your dormant company must file with Companies House other than Confirmation Statement is the dormant account. There is late filing penalty for late filing of your dormant account late even just by one day.

You may file your dormant account online, again to do this you would require your authentication code again or you may deliver your dormant account on paper in this case your director must sign and date it.

HM Revenue and Customs and CT600

Even though your company is dormant, you must inform HM Revenue and Customs that your trading status is dormant so that they could update your company’s record accordingly and would not chase you to file CT600.

You will get late filing penalty for failing to deliver your CT600 to HM Revenue and Customs on time.

Use your Unique Tax Reference number when you write to HM Revenue and Customs about your trading status.

No longer want to keep your dormant company

You may apply to Companies House to dissolve your dormant company if you no longer want to keep it. The dissolution process will take about two months to complete.

You would no longer require to file any documents with Companies House after your dormant company has been dissolved. No more company accounts or confirmation statements.

Once your company is voluntarily dissolved, you may not restore your company through administrative restoration after this. You must restore your company through court process and this can be expensive and time consuming process.

Consider carefully how important is it your company name to you. Anyone can take over your company name by registering it with Companies House as a new company after dissolution. This includes your future competitors.

How to complete Confirmation Statement

How to complete Confirmation Statement CS01 form for Companies House. You may submit your CS01 form online using Companies House webfiling service or on paper by post.

The Confirmation statement replaces the annual return filing.

File Confirmation statement CS01 online

You would require your company authentication code to be able to file online. You follow on screen instructions to complete your CS01.

The online CS01 form populate your company information already on Companies House record. All you have to do is to check if the information is still valid. If there was changes since your last confirmation statement date, you would be able to file the relevant Companies House form straight away.

Say you have appointed a new company director, you would be able to file your AP01 form and the new director’s appointment will be updated on your CS01 form. It is that simple.

Likewise if certain compulsory information is omitted from your CS01 form, for example, if you have not yet submitted your Person with Significant Control (PSC) particulars, the system will prompt you to enter the information and it would not allow you to submit the CS01 form until you do.

Before you click submit, you must tick the box to declare all the information is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You would have to pay the statutory filing fee of £13 to Companies House online to complete your filing. Companies House will email you to confirm receipt of your submission and also to confirm if your filing has been accepted or rejected.

File CS01 on paper

More manual check is required when you file your Confirmation statement on paper.

Companies House will return your confirmation statement form if the CS01 form is incomplete and the information is incorrect. This is likely to happen if you put your new registered office address on your CS01 form but you did not file your AD01 form to change your registered office address with Companies House at the same time or beforehand.

Tips to help you

Company name and number

Make sure your company name and incorporation number match the information on Companies House website.

Business activity

You have provided the description of your company’s principal business activity and specify a SIC code. Choose the SIC code closely described your company’s business activity.

Registered office

The address entered in your confirmation statement CS01 form must match the registered office address held by Companies House.

If you are changing your company’s registered office address, you must complete the form called AD01 and send in together with your confirmation statement form.

Statement of capital

You must provide Shareholders details, classes of shares together with the voting right attached to each share.

Company directors and secretary

If there were changes in your company officers since the last confirmation statement date and you have not yet informed Companies House, you must fill in the appropriate forms below.

  • Use form AP01 if new director was appointed.
  • Use form CH01 if there was changes to director’s personal details.
  • For corporate director’s appointment, please use form AP02 and changes in details please use the form CH02.

Person with significant control (PSC)

You must disclose person with significant control of your company and update Companies House if there were changes during the pats 12 months.

Finally you must sign your confirmation statement form and enclosed the correct filing fee.