Hydropower locations in the UK

Hydropower locations in the UK are listed below. The International hydropower association compiled and published this report in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hydropower or water power is a form of renewable energy and it is widely used to generate electricity. Often the hydropower infrastructure and reservoirs are also used to provide clean water for homes, industry and agricultural sectors.

List of Hydropower locations

LocationCapacity (MW)
Cruachan Dam * in Argyll, Scotland400
Dinorwig * in Gwynedd, Wales1728
Errochty in Scotland75
Ffestiniog * in Gwynedd, Wales360
Foyers* in Inverness-shire, Scotland300
Glendoe in Inverness-shire, Scotland100
Lochaber in Highland, Scotland84
Rannoch in Scotland44
Rheidol in Ceredigion, Wales50
Sloy in Agril, Scotland152.5
source: International hydropower association

MW = Megawatts * pumped storage

Those hydropower locations in the UK marked with ‘*’ next to them are pumped storage projects. Most of the water power stations are located in Scotland and Wales.

Companies House filings during Covid-19 pandemic

If you are involved in hydropower projects and providing your professional services or supply of goods to build the power station using a limited company, use the Companies House web filing service to submit your confirmation statement and company accounts. It is fast and easy. You would require your company’s authentication code for this.

Speak with our London accountants or contact Companies House if you have any questions about your company’s filings.

6 weeks to submit Confirmation Statement

The Companies etc. (Filing Requirements) (Temporary Modifications) Regulations 2020 was created on 26 June 2020 and come into force from 27 June 2020. Under this new law, your company will have 6 weeks to submit your Confirmation Statement instead of the usual 14 days filing deadline.

6 weeks to submit your Confirmation Statement filing deadline is automatically extended

You do not have to do anything. Companies House will automatically extend your Confirmation Statement filing deadline. Go to Companies House website to check your confirmation statement filing deadline.

Take note that your confirmation statement’s review period would not change. For example, if your next confirmation statement date is 20 May 2020. Your confirmation statement date remains unchanged on 20 May 2020. The only thing changed is your filing deadline, from 14 days to 42 days. That’s it. Do not amend your confirmation statement’s review period date.

This automatic extension applies to the following company type:

  • Private limited companies
  • Public limited companies (PLCs)
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
  • Scottish limited partnerships (SLPs)
  • Scottish qualifying partnerships (SQPs)
  • Societas Europaea (SEs)

You may read the guidance here.

You can submit your confirmation statement online or by post. If you are going to submit by post, go to Companies House website to print the latest Confirmation statement form CS01 and complete it to Companies House.

Whereas for online filing, you would require your company’s authentication code. The authentication code is the electronic equivalent of your company’s director(s) signatures. Keep safe your authentication code.

If you have misplaced your authentication code, you may request it again from Companies House. Companies House will send your code to your company’s registered office address. You can also sign up for email reminders with Companies House for this filing.

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Other help and support to businesses by Companies House

Companies House also grants an automatic extension for the following filings.

  • Company accounts filing deadline automatic extension for private (LTD) and public companies (PLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), Overseas Companies and Societas Europaea (SEs).
  • Events driven filings deadlines also extend to 42 days. For example, you have moved your registered office to a new address. You also have 6 weeks to notify Companies House.
  • Mortgage charges registration has a further 10 days, a total of 31 days to submit the document with Companies House.

Automatic extension of Companies House documents filing deadline

Companies House announced an automatic extension of Companies House documents filing deadline on 1 July 2020. This is a temporary change to support companies during the COVID-19 outbreak and give businesses more time to comply.

You do not have to do anything. Companies House will automatically extend your filing deadline. You can check your new filing deadline on the Companies House website. This is a brilliant news.

Prior to this, you must apply to extend your company accounts filing deadline online. This is no longer the case.

The automatic extension of Companies House documents filing deadline includes the following filings:

Company accounts filing deadline extension

Companies House will extend your company account’s filing deadline for an additional 3 months automatically. You do not have to do anything. For further information, click here.

Automatic extension of Confirmation statement filing deadline By Companies House

Companies House will allow Companies and partnerships more time to submit their Confirmation statement . You have 6 weeks to submit your confirmation statement instead of the current 14 days deadline.

Event-driven filings deadlines with Companies House

Event-driven filings deadlines are increased to 42 days as well. For example, change of registered office address. Usually, you would have to notify Companies House within 14 days, now you have 42 days to notify Companies House during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Mortgage charges registration with Companies House

You have a further 10 days to submit your mortgage charges forms and relevant documents with Companies House. In short, you have 31 days to do it.

Full guidance available here.

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