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Staff performance appraisal is beneficial to your business and your staff. A simple and concise appraisal form is sufficient as long as it helps both your business and your staff to grow.

The purpose of the staff performance appraisal is to assess your staff’s performance and capability in his/her present job. Concurrently, It can be used to determine the further development and improvement of job performance. At the same time, it helps your staff to understand what is important to your business.

How often do you have to conduct staff appraisals?

For small businesses, once a year is sufficient. Some large businesses conduct their appraisal every 6 months. It is up to you to decide.

Design staff performance appraisal form

When designing your staff performance appraisal form, consider including the following. Let’s say, you are in the business of providing secretarial services to limited companies.


To have a Self-review section. It allows your staff to share the experiences he/she encountered when performing their job. For example, what were their achievements and contributions in the past 12 months?

Total customer satisfaction

How many compliments and complaints did you receive about the staff? Click here for an example of a total customer satisfaction appraisal scoring template.


Does the staff work well as a team? Click here for an example of Teamwork parameters.

Job knowledge

Does the staff have sufficient knowledge about his/her job? Click here for an example of job knowledge parameters.

Quality of work

Does the staff produce good quality work consistently? No errors on reports etc.


Does the staff able to complete his/her tasks on time consistently? For instance, she can handle the given amount of confirmation statements filings with Companies House within the time frame given consistently.


Does the staff take initiative to improve a process or solve a problem?

Work attitude

Does the staff bring enthusiasm and commitment to work? This includes a willingness to accept and adapt to changes at work.

Communication skills

Does the staff able to communicate well with customers and the team? For example, she sends reminders and makes an arrangement with customers to have their accounting records to reach the office on time and then communicate with the schedulers to get the company accounts assignments allocated to the appropriate staff.

Ability to learn

Does the staff able to learn things fast?

Attendance and punctuality

Does the staff report to work regularly and on time?

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