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Ombudsman and Ombwdsmon

Ombudsman and Ombwdsmon are sensitive words. Ombwdsmon has the same meaning as Ombudsman but written in Welsh.

You are allowed to use these words in your proposed company or business name if your company or business meet the following conditions:

A statutory organisation

Your company is aA statutory organisation appointed by government authorised to investigate complaints. Generally on behalf of individuals such as consumers or taxpayers, against private or public institutions. These organisations may request relevant information from parties in relation to a dispute. Or

A non-statutory body

Your company is a non-statutory body which is certified as a provider of alternate dispute resolution by Trading Standards Institute or other competent authority set out in the Consumer Protection, Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.

Your company is an ombudsman level member of the British Ombudsman Association. And, you have a proven track record in dispute resolution in respect of the activity that forms the basis of your application. For this purpose, we would normally expect a track record of at least 12 months.

You are required to provide the following to support the incorporation application.

  • Evidence of certification by the relevant Competent Authority.
  • A copy of a letter or email from the Ombudsman Association (or other evidence) confirming your ombudsman level membership.
  • Evidence of providing dispute resolution for consumers in the sector you wish to operate in, including membership numbers, member names and examples of case studies relating to the dispute resolution.

You may wish to register under a different name and reapply at a later date if you do not meet all the requirements above.

Company name availability check

You can use the Company name availability checker to check if your proposed company name is still available for registration.

How to register a company?

Concise Accountants provide company formation services. Our accountants will handle the incorporation of your limited company from start to finish. We will also advise you whether your supporting evidence is sufficient to support the use of Ombudsman or Ombwdsmon in your company name.

Universally, your company’s registered office must be a real address. Companies House would not accept P O Box numbers as your registered office address.

Maintain your limited company

After your company has been successfully incorporated. There are a few documents you must file with the UK Authorities every year.

Firstly, at every anniversary of your company, you are required to prepare and submit your confirmation statement with Companies House. The confirmation statement is a snapshot of information about your company shares structure, directors, shareholders and registered office.

On the same note, you must also inform Companies House if your company details changed. For example, you appoint a new director or your registered office address has changed.

Additionally, you must submit your company accounts to Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). For HMRC, you must include your corporation tax return together with your company accounts. Concise Accountants offers fixed fee accounts packages to limited companies to take care of your company accounts and corporation tax return. The packages are suitable for startup businesses and small companies. Feel free to contact our accountants to discuss.

Other sensitive or reserved words

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