New polymer £50 note

The Bank of England will issue new polymer £50 note in the year 2021. The new polymer note will feature the famous hero, Alan Turing.

Feature portrait of Alan Turing

Alan Turing was famous for his invention of code-breaking machines during World War II. He broke the German Enigma code leading to Allied victory over Nazi Germany.

Alan Turing was born on 23 June 1912 in Maida Vale, London. Maida Vale is not far from Regent Street London. He was a mathematical genius.

There is a movie made in 2014 based on the real-life story of Alan Turing. The movie is called “The Imitation Game”. You must watch this movie!

Current £50 note

You will still be able to use the current £50 note until the Bank of England withdraws it from circulation. The Bank of England will announce the official withdrawal date after the new polymer £50 note is issued. Normally, at least three months notice.

Correspondingly, you can always exchange your old £50 note with your bank, Post Office or with the Bank of England.

Payments to Companies House

The new polymer £50 note would not affect the way you pay Companies House. Usually, Companies House would not accept cash for payment of their statutory fees. This includes the following filings with Companies House.

Generally, you are required to pay Companies House either by cheque, postal order or using a debit or credit card or electronically.

If you require help with your limited company’s filings with Companies House, contact our accountants. We would be able to assist you.

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