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Institute and Institution

Institute and Institution are sensitive words. You are likely to be given the approval to use Institute or Institution if your organisation is fully functioning, established and are already functioning as an institute, but operate under a different name.

The range of activities may vary, but institutes are organisations that typically undertake research at the highest level, or are professional bodies of the highest standing.

Companies House take into account the following factors:

  • Whether there is a good reason for establishing the institute.
  • Are your activities regulated or unregulated
  • Whether the organisation already exists in some form
  • The nature of any work your organisation provides for other organisations.
  • The relevance and nature of support from existing organisations
  • Whether the institute offers training leading to its own qualifications.
  • The institute provides training or activities that support qualifications provided by other bodies such as universities or colleges.
  • Whether the institute’s activities are supported by or associated with activities undertaken by a government body, an independent organisation established in the field or a funding organisation.

For this purpose, you must obtain the views of one or more relevant bodies. Correspondingly, include a copy of their response with your application to Companies House.

All applications are considered on their merits. But, if you aren’t an established body, you may wish to consider the option to register under a different name and re-apply later.

You can use the Company name availability checker to check if your proposed company name is still available for registration.

How to register a company?

Concise Accountants provide company formation services. Our accountants will handle the incorporation of your limited company from start to finish. Concurrently, we will also advise you whether your supporting evidence is sufficient to support the use of Institute or Institution in your company name.

Universally, your company’s registered office must be a real address. Companies House would not accept P O Box numbers as your registered office address.

Maintain your limited company

Firstly, at every anniversary of your company, you are required to prepare and submit your confirmation statement with Companies House. The confirmation statement is a snapshot of information about your company shares structure, directors on board and shareholders and registered office.

On the same note, you must also inform Companies House if your company details changed. For example, you appoint a new director or your registered office address has changed.

Additionally, you must submit your company accounts to Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). For HMRC, you must include your corporation tax return together with your company accounts. Concise Accountants offers fixed fee accounts packages to limited companies to take care of your company accounts and corporation tax return. The packages are suitable for startup businesses and small companies. Feel free to contact our accountants to discuss.

Other sensitive or reserved words

Click here for other sensitive or reserved words that require you to obtain a consent to use in your company or business name in the United Kingdom.

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