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Initiative in staff performance appraisal assesses the staff’s willingness to take prior action without being told specifically. This includes suggesting ideas for continuous improvements without prompting or instructions.

ParametersScore 1 to 10
Does not take independent action. Must always be told what to do in great detail.1 2
Waits to be told what needs to be done. Not inclined to suggest new ways of doing things.3 4
Generally has the initiative to work out normal details. Occasionally, gives suggestions or new ways of doing things.5 6
Consistently able to imitate the action and implement activities whether routine or new. Creative and active in constructive suggestions.7 8
Exhibits exceptional resourcefulness and ability to anticipate work to be done and act accordingly. Makes original and effective recommendations for work improvements.9 10
Select one number only

Your score for staff’s initiative

Your score must match your staff’s willingness to take initiative at work. For example, give a high score to staff who took initiative to streamline existing processes to improve efficiency.

Let’s say you provide company filings services, your staff took the initiative to create a reporting system to keep track of the confirmation statement due date and send automatic reminders to customers.

Staff who took initiative at work are great assets to your business. Consider having a reward system in place for high achiever staff to retain them for the long term. A bonus payment or extra holiday and so on.

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