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HMRC payment support service

Contact HMRC payment support service if you foresee that you are unable to pay your tax when it is due in full.

  • Self-Assessment tax bill. Take Note that you can defer your self-assessment payment on account to 31 January 2021. Or pay by instalments.
  • VAT due to HMRC
  • employers PAYE due to HMRC
  • Corporation Tax due to HMRC

Payment support service helpline

HMRC helplinePayment Support Service (PSS)
Telephone:0300 200 3835
Opening times:Monday to Friday: 8 am to 4 pm
Closed on bank holidays.

HMRC would need this information from you when you call

If you foresee you are unable to pay your VAT due to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), then please have your VAT number ready.

In addition, of the amount owe to HMRC for your VAT, what is the amount you foresee you can’t pay when it is due. For example, the full VAT amount or only part of it. You must give reasons leading to this unable to pay situation.

Also, how much you can pay now toward the VAT amount going to be due?

Do you have a proposed payment plan in mind? a plan to pay the full or the balance of the VAT amount owed.

Illustration example:

say, the amount you owe is £2,500. You could put aside £800+ a month to settle the VAT within 3 months. Consider proposing your payment plan to the HMRC as follows:

Proposed Plan31 August 202030 September 202031 October 2020

Also, have your bank accounts details in hand.

Additionally, HMRC may ask you to provide information about your financial affairs including the following:

  • your income and expenditure
  • your assets, like savings and investments
  • what you’re doing to get your tax payments back in order

HMRC will then let you know their decision based on the information you provided to them whether to pay immediately or give you more time to pay.

A similar procedure applies if you would like to have more time to pay your corporation tax or PAYE.

Companies House filings in response to COVID-19 outbreak

Companies House grants an automatic extension for the following filings in response to COVID-19 outbreak (on 27 June 2020).

  • Company accounts filing deadline automatic extension for private (LTD) and public companies (PLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), Overseas Companies and Societas Europaea (SEs).
  • 6 weeks to submit your confirmation statement.
  • Events driven filings deadlines also extend to 42 days, also 6 weeks. For example, you have moved your registered office to a new address. You also have up to 6 weeks to notify Companies House.
  • Mortgage charges registration has a further 10 days, a total of 31 days to submit the document with Companies House.

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