Exchange UK old banknote

You can always exchange your UK old banknote with the Bank of England. This is an alternative way of exchanging your old banknote with the Post Office and at your local bank.

Bank of England accepts UK old banknote by post from individual and also businesses based in the UK and overseas. You must complete the exchange of banknote application form and photocopies of your ID. You can download the application form from the Bank of England website.

Send in these documents together with your old banknote to the following address.

Exchange old bank note by post

Department of NEX
Bank of England
Threadneedle Street
London EC2R 8AH
Source: Bank of

How Bank of England pay you

You can have your money be paid to you in one of the following:

  • Pay into your UK bank account.
  • Pay into your overseas bank account. For this, you must provide your BIC/SWIFT Code and IBAN or Account number. Your overseas bank account must accept Pound Sterling (GBP) currency.
  • Send you a Sterling cheque. You can cash the cheque at the Bank of England counter. Please 24 hours notice for this.

Businesses wish to exchange UK old banknote

If you are a business wanting to exchange your UK old banknote, i.e, your £20 paper banknote, you must complete a BUSINESS banknote exchanges application form and together with the following information:

  1. A covering letter on your company’s letterhead with your company name, registration number, registered office and business address.
  2. You must also state how do you want the Bank of England to pay you. If to pay you into your bank account then you provide your UK bank account number and sort code.
  3. Additionally, you must also provide proof of ID and address of the person signing your covering letter.

A similar procedure applies when the Bank of England issues the new polymer £50 note in 2021.

Expect that there will be a delay during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Other convenient services for UK businesses

Support and help available from Companies House for company directors that currently abroad to comply with their UK company’s legal filings requirements.

 You can use the Webfiling service to submit the following documents online to Companies House.

All you need is your company’s authentication code issued by Companies House. The authentication code is the electronic equivalent of your company’s director(s) signatures. Keep safe your authentication code.

If you are unable to complete your company accounts due to the interruption from this COVID-19 outbreak, you can apply to Companies House to extend your company accounts filing deadline without incurring a late filing penalty.

Companies House also created an interim paperless filing service to accept documents which would normally require a live signature.

If you require help with your UK company’s filings, contact us. Our accountants can help you.

Westminster council services

Support available from Westminster Council for businesses and residents living in this borough. If you require any help during this lockdown period, do not hesitate to contact Westminster council services.

Westminster Connects

Westminster Connects organised volunteers to help those in need during this lockdown period with food shopping, pick up medicines from the pharmacies or walk their dogs for those who self-isolating.

Telephone020 7641 1222
Opening hours9 am – 6 pm 7 days per week

Support for businesses

Some businesses are allowed to reopen from 1 June 2020 and 15 June 2020. People who cannot work from home can go back to work.

For this purpose, it is vital that businesses put in place social distancing measures at the workplace. If you require help and support on this matter, contact the Westminster council services for advice.

If you would like to extend your company accounts filing deadline, you can apply for the extension directly from Companies House.

Telephone020 7641 2070

Support for Residents

Support for Carers

Telephone020 8960 3033
Opening hoursMonday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

Adult social care

Telephone020 7641 1444 or 020 7641 1175

Home Library Service

Telephone020 7641 5405

Support for housing tenants and leaseholders

Telephone0800 358 3783

Register Office

For births, deaths, marriages and citizenship

Telephone020 7641 7500

source: City of Westminster

Department for International Trade Romania

The Department for International Trade Romania helps UK companies to expand into Romania and also help Romanian companies to trade with the UK.

The Department for International Trade Romania offers expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK, and staff in the British Embassy in Romania.

DIT officeDepartment for International Trade Romania
British Embassy
24 Jules Michelet
010463 Bucharest
Telephone+40 (21) 2017200
Source: GOV.UK

Overseas companies in the UK

An overseas company wants to set up a place of business in the UK must register with Companies House. You must register your overseas company within one month of opening for business in the UK.

If you do not have a base in the UK then you do not need to register.

Our accountants can help you to register your overseas company.

Get information about a British company

You may get information about a British Company from the Companies House in the UK. The information you can get include the following:

  • Signed and approved Company accounts
  • Confirmation statement
  • The company date of incorporation
  • Company names including company name change history, if applicable.
  • Current and past company registered office addresses
  • company registration numbers issued by Companies House.
  • Current and past company directors and secretary’s details
  • The company’s current trading status – active or dissolved
  • insolvency information, if applicable.

Certificate of good standing for a British company

The certificate of good standing certifies that your company has been in continuous, unbroken existence since its incorporation and that no action is currently being taken to strike it off the Companies House register.

When a certificate of good standing is needed?

If you would like to register a branch overseas such as in Hong Kong or Malaysia or Singapore, the Registrar of Companies in the home country would require the certification that your UK company is in compliance and still active. Banks, lenders, a business corporation based overseas that collaborate with your UK company would require you to provide them with a certificate of good standing to prove the existence of your company at the time of entering into a business transaction with you.

Department for International Trade offices worldwide

Click here for other Department for International Trade offices worldwide contact information.

Good luck with your business venture.

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