Prefix in front of company number

Companies House uses standard prefix in front of company number for different categories of businesses registered with them.

No prefix for companies registered in England and Wales

A company registered in England and Wales will have a standard 8 digits numbers as your company registration number printed on your certificate of incorporation. There will be no prefix in front of your company number.

For example, Cute Gifts and Flowers Limited’s company number is 08407369.

SC as prefix for Scottish companies

Whereas for a company registered in Scotland, in other words, has a registered office situated in Scotland will have a Prefix of “SC” in front of your company numbers. For example, XYREX LIMITED’s company number is SC234456.

Prefixes for Overseas companies

There are three types of prefixes for overseas companies.

PrefixCompany type
FCFor all overseas companies registered on or after 1 October 2009 and for overseas companies registered in England and Wales before 1 October 2009.
SFfor overseas companies registered in Scotland before 1
October 2009
NFfor overseas companies registered in Northern Ireland before 1
October 2009

You must provide the correct prefix with your company number for your overseas company when completing the Companies House form – OS MG01 to register a charge with the Registrar of Companies.

List of Prefixes used by Companies House

Knowing your company number’s prefix will help you to be transferred to the right department when you are calling Companies House. This saves yours and the Companies House’s staff time.

PrefixCompany type
N/AEngland & Wales Company
ACAssurance Company for England & Wales
ENEuropean Company (Societas Europaea) for Northern
ESEuropean Company (Societas Europaea) for Scotland
FCOverseas Company
GEEuropean Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) for England &
GNEuropean Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) for Northern
GSEuropean Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) for Scotland
ICICVC (Investment Company with Variable Capital)
IPIndustrial & Provident Company
LPLimited Partnership for England & Wales
NAAssurance Company for Northern Ireland
NCLimited Liability Partnership for Northern Ireland
NFOverseas Company regd in Northern Ireland (pre 1/10/09)
NINorthern Ireland Company (post partition)
NLLimited Partnership for Northern Ireland
NONorthern Ireland Credit Union Industrial/Provident
NPNorthern Ireland Industrial/Provident Company or Credit
NRNorthern Ireland Royal Charter Companies
NVNorthern Ireland ICVC (Investment Company with
Variable Capital)
NZUnregistered Companies (S 1043 Not Cos Act) for Northern
OCLimited Liability Partnership for England & Wales
RCRoyal Charter Companies (English/Wales)
R0Northern Ireland Company (pre partition)
SAAssurance Company for Scotland
SCScottish Company
SEEuropean Company (Societas Europaea) for England &
SFOverseas Company regd in Scotland (pre 1/10/09)
SIScottish ICVC (Investment Company with Variable
SLLimited Partnership for Scotland
SOLimited Liability Partnership for Scotland
SPScottish Industrial/Provident Company
SRScottish Royal Charter Companies
SZUnregistered Companies (S 1043 Not Cos Act) for Scotland
ZCUnregistered Companies (S 1043 – Not Cos Act) for England
& Wales
Source: Department for
Business, Energy
& Industrial Strategy – Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Customer Guide

Companies House filings

Generally, organisations registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom must comply with the UK company law. This includes submitting the following documents to Companies House when they are due.

You must also require to notify Companies House when there is a change in your company details like new director appointment or change of registered office address etc.

If you have any questions about your company’s legal filings requirements, contact our accountants. They will be more than happy to assist you.

Correct a director’s date of birth

You can apply to Companies House to correct a director’s date of birth for error that was made on incorporation. Normally, This type of error occurred when you have more than one director’s details to fill in or information mixed up with other director or an oversight. Luckily, Companies House allows correction to be made to a director’s date of birth.

You cannot use the form CH01 to change a director’s date of birth. The CH01 can only be used for changing your usual residential address, service address and your name.

How to correct a director’s date of birth

For this purpose, you must complete the form RP CH01. You must include the director’s full name and the month and year of birth of the director currently registered with the Companies House. And of course, the correct date of birth of the director.

Concurrently, you must also submit the companies house form RP02A together with this RP CH01. The RP02A form is to apply for rectification by the Registrar of Companies. You would declare the reason for rectification is the information is factually inaccurate.

Additionally, if your company has opted in the PROOF scheme, you must also complete the form PR03 consent form for paper filing.

Other documents you must submit to Companies House are your company accounts and confirmation statement.

If you have any questions about correcting your director’s date of birth, contact Companies House.

Correct mistakes on your Confirmation Statement

You can correct mistakes on your Confirmation Statement with Companies House. The Companies Act 2006 only allows one Confirmation Statement to be filed for a confirmation period. In other words, you cannot replace the entire confirmation statement you already filed with Companies House with a new one for the same period. However, there is a way to do it. You must apply to Companies House.

How to correct mistakes on your Confirmation Statement

If it has come to light that your last confirmation statement contained errors, you can Second Filing to correct mistakes on your confirmation statement.

The correct way to do it is, you complete the form RP04 on paper together with the part of the confirmation statement form that contains errors.

For example, if the details of the Person with Significant Control (PSC) was incorrect, then you would complete Part 5 of the CS01 form only. Likewise, if your statement of capital is incorrect, then you would complete part 2 of the CS01 form.

Thereafter, you only send your RP04 and the relevant part of the CS01 form with the corrected information to Companies House. Do not send the whole CS01 form to Companies House, not even the front page of the CS01 form.

Another document you must include is the PR03 if your company has opted in the PROOF scheme.

To amend your company accounts already submitted to Companies House, simply send in your amended accounts and mark the account as “AMENDED”. Then, Companies House will publish both accounts on your public record.

If you have any questions about correcting mistakes on your confirmation statement, contact companies house.

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