Use of sensitive words in your company names

Use of sensitive words in your company or business name that may imply your company is pre-eminent in the field or has a particular status or a specific function is not allowed unless you were given approval in writing by the relevant authority. Sensitive words are also referred to as the reserved words in incorporation matter.

If your company name contained the following sensitive words or reserved words, please obtain a letter or email of non-objection from the relevant governing body before you submit your incorporation documents with Companies House.

Reserved words in company names

If you are to use any of the reserved words in your company names, you must write to the relevant governing body for permission. Ideally, you must obtain the approval before you submit your incorporation documents.

Companies House would not process incomplete incorporation application. They will return your application and suggest to re-submit when you have the approval document or you change your company names.

Sensitive words that require permission by law

NoSensitive wordsUK Authority to contact
1Accounts Commission for ScotlandClick here
2Accredit / Accreditation / Accredited / AccreditingClick here
3AdjudicatorClick here
4Alba / Na h-Alba / Albannach (Scotland / Scotland / Scottish in English)Click here
5Archwilydd Cyffredinol Cymru (Auditor General for Wales in English)Click here
6AssociationClick here
7Assurance / AssurerClick here
8Audit CommissionClick here
9Auditor General / Audit OfficeClick here
10Auditor General for Northern IrelandClick here
11Auditor General for Scotland / Audit ScotlandClick here
12Auditor General for WalesClick here
13Banc / Bank / BankingClick here
14BenevolentClick here
15Breatainn / Breatannach (British / British in English)Click here
16Brenin / Brenhines (King/Queen in English)Click here
17Brenhinol / Brenhiniaeth (Royal / Monarchy in English)Click here
18Britain / BritishClick here
19Chamber of CommerceClick here
20Charitable / CharityClick here
21CharterClick here
22CharteredClick here
23Chartered AccountantClick here
24Chartered SecretaryClick here
25Chartered SurveyorClick here
26Child Maintenance / Child SupportClick here
27ComhairleClick here
28CoimiseanClick here
29ComisiwnClick here
30Comisiwn y Senedd / Comisiwn Cynulliad Cenedlaethol CymruClick here
31CommissionClick here
32Community Benefit SocietyClick here
33Comptroller and Auditor GeneralClick here
34Comptroller and Auditor General for Northern IrelandClick here
35Co-operativeClick here
36Co-operative SocietyClick here
37CouncilClick here
38Cymru / Cymreig / CymraegClick here
39CyngorClick here
40Cynulliad Cenedlaethol CymruClick here
41Dental / DentistryClick here
42Dentist / Dental Surgeon / Dental / PractitionerClick here
43Diùc / Ban-diùcClick here
44Dug / DugesClick here
45Duke / DuchessClick here
46Ei Fawrhydi / Ei MawrhydiClick here
47England / of England / EnglishClick here
48FederationClick here
49Financial Conduct AuthorityClick here
50Financial Reporting Council / Financial Reporting Review PanelClick here
51FoundationClick here
52Friendly SocietyClick here
53FundClick here
54GovernmentClick here
55The Governor and Company of the Bank of EnglandClick here
56Gwasanaeth iechydClick here
57Health and Safety ExecutiveClick here
58Health and Social Care BoardClick here
59Health centre / Health serviceClick here
60Health visitorClick here
61His Majesty / Her MajestyClick here
62House of Commons / House of LordsClick here
63HPSS / HSCClick here
64InspectorateClick here
65Institute / InstitutionClick here
66Insurance / InsurerClick here
67Judicial appointmentClick here
68KingClick here
69Law CommissionClick here
70LicensingClick here
71Llywodraeth (Government in English)Click here
72Medical centreClick here
73Midwife / MidwiferyClick here
74MòrachdClick here
75MutualClick here
76National Audit OfficeClick here
77NHSClick here
78Northern Ireland / Northern IrishClick here
79Northern Ireland Assembly / Northern Ireland Assembly Commission / Northern Ireland ExecutiveClick here
80Northern Ireland Audit OfficeClick here
81Nurse / NursingClick here
82Office for Nuclear RegulationClick here
83Oifis sgrùdaidh (Audit Office in English)Click here
84Oilthigh (University in English)Click here
85Ombudsman / OmbwdsmonClick here
86Parlamaid (Parliament in English)Click here
87Parliament / Parliamentarian / ParliamentaryClick here
88Patent / PatenteeClick here
89The Pensions Advisory ServiceClick here
90PoliceClick here
91PolytechnicClick here
92Post OfficeClick here
93Prifysgol (University in English)Click here
94Prince / PrincessClick here
95Prionnsa / Bana-phrionnsaClick here
96Prudential Regulation AuthorityClick here
97Prydain / Prydeinig (Britain / British in English)Click here
98Public Health AgencyClick here
99QueenClick here
100Reassurance / ReassurerClick here
101Regional Agency for Public Health and Social WellbeingClick here
102Regional Health and Social Care BoardClick here
103RegistrarClick here
104Registered SocietyClick here
105RegulatorClick here
106Reinsurance / ReinsurerClick here
107Riaghaltas (Govt in English)Click here
108Rìgh Banrigh (King of Queen in English)Click here
109Rìoghachd Aonaichte (United Kingdom in English)Click here
110Rìoghail Rìoghalachd (Royal Royalty in English)Click here
111Royal / RoyaltyClick here
112Scotland / of Scotland / ScottishClick here
113Scottish Law CommissionClick here
114Scottish Parliament / Scottish Parliamentary Corporate BodyClick here
115Senedd (Parliament in English)Click here
116SheffieldClick here
117Siambr FasnachClick here
118Social ServiceClick here
119SocietyClick here
120Special SchoolClick here
121StandardsClick here
122Stock exchangeClick here
123Swyddfa Archwilio CymruClick here
124Teyrnas Gyfunol / Teyrnas UnedigClick here
125Trade UnionClick here
126TribunalClick here
127TrustClick here
128Tywysog / TywysogesClick here
129Underwrite / UnderwritingClick here
130UniversityClick here
131Wales / WelshClick here
132Wales Audit OfficeClick here
133Welsh Government / Welsh Assembly GovernmentClick here
134Welsh Parliament / Senedd Cymru / National Assembly for Wales / National Assembly for Wales CommissionClick here
135WindsorClick here
Source: Companies House Annex A

Sensitive words that imply a connection with the UK Authorities

NoSensitive wordsUK Authority to contact
1Accounting Council / Actuarial Council / Audit and Assurance Council / Corporate Reporting CouncilClick here
2AgencyClick here
3AssemblyClick here
4Border Agency / Border ForceClick here
5Cabinet OfficeClick here
6CadwClick here
7Care Inspectorate Wales / CIWClick here
8Crime Squad / Criminal Intelligence ServiceClick here
9Crown EstateClick here
10Employment Medical Advisory Service / EMASClick here
11Further EducationClick here
12Higher EducationClick here
13HMRCClick here
14Home OfficeClick here
15Industrial and Provident SocietyClick here
16Intellectual Property / IPOClick here
17Lord AdvocateClick here
18Notary / Notary public / NotarialClick here
19Nuclear InstallationClick here
20Office of the Public GuardianClick here
21Primary EducationClick here
22Registered SocietyClick here
23Revenue and CustomsClick here
24Scrivener / Scrivener notaryClick here
25SEClick here
26Secondary EducationClick here
27Select CommitteeClick here
28Serious Organised Crime / SOCAClick here
Source: Companies House Annex B

Other regulated words

NoReserved wordsUK Authority to contact
1AnzacClick here
2ArchitectClick here
3Bachelor of medicineClick here
4Building SocietyClick here
5Chemist / Dispensing chemist / Dispensing druggist / Druggist / Pharmaceutical / Pharmaceutical chemist / Pharmaceutical druggist / Pharmaceutist / Pharmacist / PharmacyClick here
6Chiropractic / Chiropractor / Chiropractic practitioner / Chiropractioner / Chiropractic physicianClick here
7Citius / Altius / FortiusClick here
8Commonhold AssociationClick here
9Contact lens / Contact lensesClick here
10Credit UnionClick here
11Dispensing optician / Enrolled optician / Ophthalmic optician / Optician / Optometrist / Registered opticianClick here
12Doctor of medicineClick here
13Faster, higher, strongerClick here
14General practitionerClick here
15Geneva CrossClick here
16Health Care professions and protected titlesClick here
17Olympic / Olympian / Olympiad / Paralympic / Paralympian / ParalympiadClick here
18Ordnance surveyClick here
19PhysicianClick here
20Red Crescent / Red Cross / Red Lion and SunClick here
21Social workerClick here
22SolicitorClick here
23Spirit in motionClick here
24SurgeonClick here
25Vet / Veterinary / Veterinary surgeon / Veterinary practitionerClick here
Source: Companies House Annex C

The incorporation and company names also apply to overseas company registering in the UK.

Post incorporation

After your UK company is successfully incorporated, you must submit the following documents to the UK Authorities yearly.

Contact us if you have any questions about registering a company in the United Kingdom.

Alba, Na h-Alba and Albannach are sensitive words

Alba, Na h-Alba and Albannach are sensitive words and use of one of the words in your company names imply pre-eminence status. For this reason, you are required to obtain permission from the Scottish Government before you can use one of the words your company or business name. Especially, if your proposed company name or business name is likely to imply a connection with the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government’s contact information

AddressGeneral Enquiries
Scottish Government
St. Andrew’s House
Regent Road
Source: GOV.UK

You must include the following information in your limited company incorporation application to Companies House.

  • A letter or email of non-objection from the Scottish Government for the use of Alba, Na h-Alba and Albannach in your company or business name.
  • Your company’s registered office must be in Scotland and you must confirm this in your application.

Does not imply a connection with the Scottish Government

Use of the above word in your company name will depend on how it is presented.

1) Use of Alba or Na h-Alba or Albannach at the beginning of your company name

Broadly, if you wish to use the word at the beginning of your company name, you would need to show that your company is pre-eminent in its field.

For this reason, you are required to provide an official permission document from an independent source. For examples, the Scottish Executive, a Government department, trade association or other representative body.

2) Use of Alba or Na h-Alba or Albannach elsewhere in your company name

However, if the word is used elsewhere in the name and qualified by words that do not describe an activity or product, for example by using a made-up word, then evidence of pre-eminence is not necessarily essential.

Correspondingly, you would be expected to show that your company is substantial in relation to its activity or product and that it is eminent in its own field.

3) Alba or Na h-Alba or Albannach is your surname

If you want to use the word because it is a surname, you will usually be given approval if your company name includes forenames or initials.

You must choose a company’s registered office in Scotland.

How to register a company?

Concise Accountants provide company formation services. Our accountants will handle the incorporation of your limited company from start to finish. We will also advise you whether your supporting evidence is sufficient to support the use of Alba or Na h-Alba or Albannach in your company name.

Universally, your company’s registered office must be a real address. Companies House would not accept P O Box numbers as your registered office address.

Maintain your limited company

After your company has been successfully incorporated. There are a few documents you must prepare and submit with the UK Authorities every year.

Firstly, at every anniversary of your company, you are required to prepare and submit your confirmation statement with Companies House. The confirmation statement is a snapshot of information about your company shares structure, directors on board and shareholders and registered office.

On the same note, you must also inform Companies House if your company details changed. For example, you appoint a new director or your registered office address has changed.

Additionally, you must submit your company accounts to Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). For HMRC, you must include your corporation tax return together with your company accounts. Concise Accountants offers fixed fee accounts packages to limited companies to take care of your company accounts and corporation tax return. The packages are suitable for startup businesses and small companies. Feel free to contact our accountants to discuss.

Other sensitive or reserved words

Click here for other sensitive or reserved words that require you to obtain a consent to use in your company or business name in the United Kingdom.

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