Become a British citizen

UK company director and company secretary must notify Companies House if you have changed your nationality recently. For example, you are applying to become a British Citizen and your application has been successful. In other words, the UK Home Office has issued you a British passport. In this case, you must notify Companies House of your new nationality.

Companies House publishes a list of nationality. You may use this list to check if you specify your nationality correctly in your Companies House forms and confirmation statement.

Notify Companies House

If you are a company director with Companies House, use the form CH01 to notify Companies House that you have become a British citizen.

Whereas, if you are a company secretary, you must use the form CH03 to update your nationality with Companies House.

Generally, you notify Companies House using the online web filing service or send in your completed CH01 form by post.

If you are going to do it online. you would require your company authentication code. Without the code, you would not be able to file online.

However, you could send in your completed CH01 or CH03 form to one of Companies House offices by post. To expedite the processing of your application, it is best to send your form the appropriate address below:

For companies registered in England and Wales:

The Registrar of Companies, Companies House,
Crown Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF14 3UZ.
DX 33050 Cardiff.

For companies registered in Scotland:

The Registrar of Companies, Companies House,
Fourth floor, Edinburgh Quay 2,
139 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 9FF.
DX ED235 Edinburgh 1
or LP – 4 Edinburgh 2 (Legal Post).

For companies registered in Northern Ireland:

The Registrar of Companies, Companies House,
Second Floor, The Linenhall, 32-38 Linenhall Street,
Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT2 8BG.
DX 481 N.R. Belfast 1.

Section 243 exemption

If you are applying for, or have been granted a section 243 exemption, please post this whole form to the different postal address below:
The Registrar of Companies, PO Box 4082, Cardiff, CF14 3WE.

Companies House London office

Companies House London office is moving to a new location in Westminster. The new London office will offer the same registration service and search services to businesses and their customers.

The moving date is 7 October 2019.

Delivery of companies documents

If you usually hand deliver your company accounts, confirmation statements or other companies house forms to Companies House London office, take note of the moving date and new address.

Likewise, if you frequency pick up your company documents in person or via a courier service from the London office. Knowing the moving date would save you from turning up at the old address if they have already moved.


For this reason, you may like to put a alert reminder that Companies House London office moving date is 7 October 2019. By doing this, you could save yourself the hassle of accidentally send your courier guy to a wrong address. Hence, this would save your time and avoid additional cost for the same pick up.

Current London office

Companies House
4 Abbey Orchard Street

New office location from 7 October 2019

Companies House
Ground Floor
80 Petty France

Contact Telephone number

Companies House London office contact telephone number is still the same, that is 0303 1234 500. The contact centre lines are open between 8.30am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Brexit with no deal scenario

Companies House has issued a guidance to prepare UK companies in the event of brexit with no deal scenario. Of course, we are all desire the best deal scenario that is UK would leave EU with a deal. Deal or no deal on Brexit, we all recognize that UK government is moving the country forward independently which is a great move. We have great confidence that UK will roar with deal or no deal. We can do it!

Deal or no deal?

Brexit may have created uncertainty. With deal or no deal, this will soon pass. We, human beings can adapt to changes fairly quickly. If we can adapt then your business can adapt too because you are the one driving your business forward.

Changes affect companies on Brexit

Companies House has issued a guidance for businesses that may require to change its legal status in the event of Brexit with no deal scenario.

At the moment, according to the guidance, businesses that may be affected are as follows.

  • A European entity formed under EU Law
  • A UK company with an EEA corporate officer
  • A UK company involved in a cross border merger
  • A EEA company

The guidance outlined what is going to happen to the businesses fall under the categories mentioned above. Thus, it is worth reading the guidance to find out what you would need to prepare and how you are going to do it on Brexit. In addition, the guidance also outlined what is going to happen if you do nothing about it.

Changes to Companies House forms

Companies House forms will change in the event of Brexit with no deal. For this purpose, Companies House has also issued a guidance on what forms changes on Brexit. For easy reference, the guidance categorized the forms into the following.

  • Corporate officers
  • Societas Europaea (SE)
  • European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)
  • Confirmation statement
  • Cross borer mergers
  • Overseas companies
  • Discontinued forms after brexit.

Click here for the guidance on changes to Companies House forms in the event of no deal Brexit. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Companies House or our accountants.