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Blue zones lifestyle

What is the blue zones lifestyle? Blue zones are places where people live the longest there. Dan Buettner identified five places in the world so far as the blue zone. There are Sardina in Italy, Okinawa in Japan, Costa Rica’s isolated the Nicoya Peninsula, Loma Linda in California and Ikaria in Greek.  These places looked stunning on the photos published by the National Geographic.

Dan Buttner and his team studied the lifestyle of people live in the blue zone. They share their discovery with the world through his books the blue zones, the blue zones solution, Tedtalk and so on.

Dan Buettner shared the blue zones lifestyle.


Exercise is part of their daily routine. People in blue zones walk naturally. They do not go to the gym or use a treadmill. They walk a lot and enjoy nature.

According to, successful people like Barak Obama, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, they all have one thing in common. They exercise regularly. Let look at the world’s oldest leader, the Malaysia Prime Minister at the age of 94 he still can cycle 11km.

Why exercise? Personally, I feel more energetic with regular exercise. I like this one the most, when I feel angry or frustrated with something, I go exercise, be it running or boot camp. I find myself feeling great after exercise. All the negatives emotions seem to left with the sweats. I do not feel I have to kick anyone butt afterwards.

Having a fit body also boost your self-confidence.

City life

How do we incorporate exercise living in a busy city like London?

Like the Blue zones people, walk to places if you can.

I walk 0.6 from home to office one way. It takes me about 13 minutes one way. A round trip per day is 1.2 mile.

Recently, after I learnt about the blue zones lifestyle, I made it a point to use the stairs too. My office is on the third floor and my home also on the third floor.

Sometimes, when I was in a rush, I tend to use the lift instead of the stairs. What was my thinking? I was thinking using the lift is faster than walking upstairs.

Actually, I noticed using the lift and stairs take roughly the same amount of time to get to the third floor. One day, I saw a person waiting for the lift, he got into the lift at the same time I start walking up the stairs. When I reached the third floor, I saw him coming out of the lift. So this teaches me one thing, my mind tricked me to believe using the lift is faster than walking upstairs. Next time, walk it.

Motivation to keep going

I noticed during summer, my body is cool with indoor and outdoor exercise. I could do it every day. I enjoy the run in the park, I can hear the birds sing, squirrels playing on the grass and many other people running and exercising in the park too. Something to different compared to what I see at work. At work, I see computer screens only.

In Autumn, I cut down outdoor exercise because it’s cold out there. I have to wear multiple layers and gloves to exercise. Also, it gets dark early in London during autumn. My solution to this more stairs exercises during autumn/winter.

Eat wisely

Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he is now 94 years old. He shared his secret of staying healthy to the world after being repeatedly asked to share tips during international conferences.

He shared do not overeat. Live to eat, not eat to live. When the food is tasty, stop eating. Very difficult but you have to develop the discipline.

The people in the Blue zones adopt the 80% rule when comes to eating. They stop eating when they are 80% full.

Dr Mahathir Mohamand’s eating habit seems to be similar to the blue zones people eating lifestyle.

Keep your brain active

Keep the brain active is important so that it would not lose its capacity. Use it to talk, argue, debate to keep your mind’s muscle active.


You do not have to move to the blue zones in order to live longer. You can be anywhere in the world. It’s all start with YOU.

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